Washing machines most annoying appliance noise in lockdown

IndustryNews Wed 9th Sep 2020 by KBBFocus

Washing machines most annoying appliance noise in lockdown

Washing machines most annoying appliance noise in lockdown

A mini-poll commissioned by Whirlpool for National Quiet Day has found that the noise that annoyed respondents most during lockdown was that made by their washing machines. Conducted by Trend-Monitor, and focussing on a period when many people were juggling homeworking and homeschooling, the poll of over 1,300 adults revealed that 51% of those surveyed found the sound of their washing machine annoying. Other sounds also proved disruptive, with 14% stating that they found the sound of their fridge-freezer irritating, and 10% were disturbed by the sound of their kettle. Only 6% were annoyed by the sound of their dishwasher, however.

The poll was timed to coincide with the fifth National Quiet Day on 9th September, which aims to highlight the importance for everyone to find time for more peace in their lives, and raise awareness of the connection between noise and mental health.  

"Our homes have been transformed and have become our office, classroom, restaurant, cinema and so much more," said Charmaine Warner, brand manager for Whirlpool. "We all came up with inventive ideas to stay home and stay safe, however this often meant increased noise and daily disruptions. This National Quiet Day, we encourage everyone to enjoy some quiet time, either alone or with your familiy, relfecting on the past few months and what really matters in life." 

Whirlpool's own Supreme Care washing machine range features the brand's ZEN Technology, which ensures quieter spin cycles and has gained Quiet Mark accreditation.

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