Workstation sinks are the modern kitchen's workhorse, says Grohe

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Workstation sinks are the modern kitchen's workhorse, says Grohe

Workstation sinks are the modern kitchen's workhorse, says Grohe

According to Grohe, homeowners are increasingly seeking to kit out their kitchens with high quality materials, multifunctional appliances, and statement fittings inspired by the professionals, catering to their evolving needs and desires within the kitchen space while also boasting luxurious aesthetics. The company says that, within this ‘semi-professional’ kitchen landscape, the workstation sink has increased in popularity and is fast becoming a modern-day kitchen 'must have'. 

The kitchen is the place in every home that needs to be functional, yet organised and tidy. Now more than ever, homeowners are looking to enhance their kitchens with clever tools that make daily tasks easier, save space, and at the same time meet their design expectations. 

Ronke Ugbaja, leader, product management, Lixil EMENA & Grohe UK, said: “As the boundaries between living and functional spaces blur, highly curated fittings are transforming once practical items into decorative features and focal points within the home. The increase in popularity of both open and broken plan living spaces has driven the desire to make the aesthetic of one zone flow seamlessly to the next, bringing an array of new shapes, colours and finishes that provide both style and substance."

Grohe says it has most recently noted workstation sinks in a sleek, minimalist design, often in stainless steel. Other common features are chopping boards that sit over the sink to enhance functionality, sink configurations of 1.5 or 2 bowls as well as taps that provide additional features, such as pull-out hoses and multiple spray options. 

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