Caesarstone marks sustainability milestone with ESG Progress Report

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Caesarstone marks sustainability milestone with ESG Progress Report

Caesarstone marks sustainability milestone with ESG Progress Report

Premium worktop specialist Caesarstone has released its latest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Progress Report, detailing the company’s advancements and achievements in its ongoing commitment to sustainability. The ESG Progress Report serves as a transparent account of the company's journey towards sustainable practices, showcasing accomplishments and outlining future goals. 

CEO for Caesarstone, Yosef Shiran, said: “We are proud to share our ESG Progress Report for 2021-22. Our business has grown and evolved since our first ESG Report in 2020, and so has our ESG programme. We have established specific ESG goals and commitments and have already achieved significant strides towards meeting these targets, demonstrating that sustainability is a natural extension of our core business values, realised through continuous innovation of our products and processes, and our focus on the entire supply chain.” 

Key highlights from Caesarstone's ESG Progress Report include:

Unwavering commitment to the environment        
In the environmental arena, Caesarstone will be focusing on 5 main areas: increasing the use of recycled content materials, expanding renewable energy sources, reducing carbon footprint, water usage and general waste. 

Over the last year, Caesarstone worked on its first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a report on the full environmental impact of its products, and by 2025 the brand’s mineral portfolio will contain up to 50% recycled materials. The business is nowworking towards 100% renewable energy at its own production sites and has committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 20% in 2026. 

Caesarstone has already achieved zero water discharge at two of its facilities and 100% water recycled at all its sites. The company is also exploring methods to meet its goal of 100% recycling at all sites by 2030, for zero landfill waste. 

New Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) programme
Caesarstone’s commitment to the health, wellbeing and safety of its employees, suppliers and customers is a top priority. A new EHS management system is in place to better track and manage the company’s safety performance, and regular EHS training and safety awareness sessions are offered throughout the year. This continued emphasis on safety has led to a 14% decrease in long-term injury rates for 2021 vs. 2020, and a further 6% decrease in 2022. 

From working with suppliers to supporting safe fabrication practices, Caesarstone is proud to lead safety standards for the stone fabrication industry with its Master of Stone programme, through which the company has provided professional training and a safer work environment for over 750 worktop fabrication partners globally. Caesarstone aims to work only with certified fabricators and distributors that meet the threshold requirements of Master of Stone.

People first
Caesarstone remains committed to offering its employees the support and benefits they need to thrive professionally, as well as opportunities for personal growth.

Robust corporate governance
All of Caesarstone’s efforts are supported by its robust corporate governance structure, with clearly defined roles for its management, Board of Directors and stakeholders, and extensive risk management strategies and practices in place. 

Caesarstone’s ESG Progress Report, providing the public with comprehensive insights into the company’s sustainability journey, is available for download HERE.

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