Surface Trend: Tactile Textures & Soft Hues

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Surface Trend: Tactile Textures & Soft Hues  Sponsored

Surface Trend: Tactile Textures & Soft Hues

With thousands of samples being requested by consumers each month and a steady stream of visitors to our three showrooms, here at Caesarstone we’re adept at promptly discerning trends in consumer preferences. In recent months we’ve witnessed a surge in the number of customers longing for textured surfaces to add warmth and depth to their upcoming projects, marking a swiftly growing trend.

UK Marketing Director, Jonathan Stanley, said: "We are talking to consumers on a daily basis, as well as numerous architects and designers, and it is really interesting to see trends developing, where tendencies towards particular colours, patterns or textures alter over the space of time. We saw a clear uptick in requests for our more textured surfaces last autumn, and interest in these has continued to grow. The Japandi interiors trend is very evident in parts of the kitchen market, but this interest feels broader than that.”

As the leading innovators in premium surface design since 1987, we pride ourselves on designing trend-leading surfaces that meet consumer desires, whilst ensuring these surfaces have timeless appeal. We work on designs, in consultation with trend experts, years in advance to ensure that our portfolio offers a range of surfaces to meet all tastes and styles.

Mor Krisher, Head of Product Design at Caesarstone states, “We want to add warmth to our homes through the addition of textures and soft colours; surfaces that have natural tactility as well as visual interest. Across our range, we have been echoing the patina of materials like concrete, honed marble, and limestone to create a range of products that add depth and tactility to kitchen projects around the world.”

We launched our Metropolitan Collection in 2018 and since then have watched the interest in concrete-like surfaces grow. Surfaces such as 4033 Rugged Concrete and 4011 Cloudburst Concrete are still some of our most popular colours and it’s easy to see why. They offer something to the market that is hard to find elsewhere; a textured, tactile surface that adds an urban edge to any design, whilst remaining easy to install and maintain due to its incredible durability.

Since then, we have seen this trend rise in popularity and have continued to add products to our collection that perfectly suit this consumer desire. Of late we’ve seen products such as 413 White Ciment at the forefront of this trend, which riffs on heavy textures found in concrete as well as softer materials, like linen cloth, combining them with cloud like warm white hues. There is also significant increase in interest in surfaces such as 4023 Topus Concrete and 4043 Primordia, which perfectly harmonise earthy palettes with a more textured look and feel.

Offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and durability, Caesarstone caters to diverse preferences, whether you seek a bold, dramatic style with deeper hues or aim to create a serene, natural ambiance with softer tones. Beyond aesthetics, Caesarstone surfaces boast exceptional resistance to heat, scratches, and stains, are non-porous, and are easy to maintain. Experience the unparalleled quality and versatility of Caesarstone surfaces. Discover Caesarstone's range of surfaces at

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