Timeless beauty – 10 new trend-setting surface designs

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Timeless beauty – 10 new trend-setting surface designs  Sponsored

Timeless beauty – 10 new trend-setting surface designs

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Time Collection, 10 new Caesarstone colours that mark yet another milestone in our journey of innovation and design excellence. Available in the UK now, this beautiful collection of surfaces draw their inspiration from the transformative experience of stone forged over millennia, bringing ancient beauty to ten new striking designs across our Mineral Surface and Porcelain offering. These new additions not only push the boundaries of aesthetics but also introduce cutting-edge technology that sets new standards in the industry.

5113 Solenna

Edward Smith, MD at Caesarstone UK, comments: “At Caesarstone, we have consistently led the charge in surface design innovation, and the launch of our new Time collection represents another key milestone in our journey. With this new category of products and the introduction of captivating new colours, we are excited to offer something truly distinctive – a more sustainable collection of earthy, luxurious, and beautifully tactile surfaces that resonate with the timeless appeal of natural stone. What sets the Time collection apart is not just its innovation and aesthetics, but also the assurance of quality and longevity that comes with every Caesarstone surface. With our lifetime warranty, customers can buy once and buy well, confident in the knowledge that their investment is backed by our unwavering dedication to excellence.”

New Mineral Surfaces

5310 Brillianza

The Time collection heralds the introduction of our new low-silica Mineral Surfaces range – offering premium, sustainable and resilient products developed using our unrivalled expertise and advanced technology.

Comprising a unique blend of Quartz, Feldspar, advanced innovative materials and an increased percentage of recycled elements, this new range of Mineral surfaces offers unparalleled beauty alongside the durability and sustainability that Caesarstone surfaces are renowned for.

5140 Dreamy Carrara

Our three new Mineral Surface designs are:

5140 Dreamy Carrara – A silky, marble-inspired base is given texture by the subtlest whispers of off-white and light grey. Scattered with fine veins in earthy greys with blue undertones, this striking design is an ode to marble as a blank canvas onto which nature marks the passage of time.

5113 Solenna – Which features a creamy white foundation punctuated by an organic geometric motif. Its unique vein structure is an innovative interpretation of marble, seemingly retracing topography on a warm base through a mix of light grey, earthy and amber lines. 

5310 Brillianza – A dynamic interplay of frosty white veins overlays an intriguing surface, dissolving into a cool grey base. Its lustrous appearance is highlighted by glamorous flashes of light and shadows, occasionally infused with powder-peach accents to warm up this beautiful design.

New Porcelain Surfaces
The Time collection also sees the launch of seven new striking Porcelain designs, bringing our total porcelain collection to thirty-one products.

Beautifully combining the timeless with the daring, the new Porcelain designs feature arresting colour schemes, bold veining, dramatic compositions, and tactile textures. In line with all Caesarstone designs, these surfaces excel in design prowess and unrivalled durability. Drawing inspirations from the natural world, they vary from the soft, subtle warmth of marble to the raw, earthiness of weathered stone.

507 Marbannova

The new Porcelain designs are available in two new finishes, Silk and Stone. The Silk finish drapes the surface in a subtle sheen, creating a luxurious appeal. This finish is found on three colourways:

581 Lucillia – Featuring a warm white base washed with fine, icy veins that crackle across the surface. Further depth is found within the subtle caramel accents.

507 Marbannova – A warm white base with prominent veining and infused with striations of subtle gold, warm grey and muted copper.

508 Isobellia – Bursting with a lively criss-crossing of oversized veins and fine crackled lines that feature ancient copper overlay, textured golden streaks and primeval earthy sediments.

508 Isobellia

The new Stone finish radiates a dynamic, tangible texture that brings an organic, earthy texture into the home. This new finish also features another one of Caesarstone’s latest innovations - In-Sync technology - which brings a harmony across the surface and edge profile that can be hard to find with porcelain surfaces. These four new designs are:

543 Marenstone – Taking its cue from ancient, crushed shells that, over time, have been reduced to fine particles of sand that then metamorphose into limestone. It has an ivory base and a granular patina in beige and deep bronze.

550 Silvax – Recreating the discernible structure of sedimentary limestone, with its tiny, oxidised markings of misty clays and silvery grays.

542 Mosstone – Combining beautifully weathered, milky white stone with the adornment of mottled layer of mosses. This surface combines a muted sage and deeper green with a patina of iodised impurities and subtle rust veins.

544 Auralux – This surface comes alive with its complex composition of tiny shells, grains, and aggregates. With a neutral, earthy grey base complete with flecks of impurities in taupe, putty and weathered white.

542 Mosstone

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, the new Porcelain collection radiates versatility. Beyond aesthetics, the Porcelain Collection is highly resistant to heat, scratch and stain resistant, non-porous and simple to clean.

Across both our Mineral and Porcelain surfaces our lifetime warranty provides further reassurance that your customers will love our surfaces for generations to come. 

Head to our catalogue now to browse our range. www.caesarstone.co.uk/catalogue

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