Sharp launches new collection of 'versatile' home appliances

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Sharp launches new collection of 'versatile' home appliances

Sharp launches new collection of 'versatile' home appliances

Sharp has announced the European launch of a range of home appliances, which encompasses ovens, fridge-freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, and tumble dryers. Designed to fit the space, taste and routines of a broad range of households, the new home appliances are said by the brand to support flexible, sustainable, and healthy lifestyles.   

Now available across Europe, the range offers a new look, with matching design features, which include minimalist black touch control panels, and for the laundry series, black-tinted, handle-free portholes.  

Already in development, the company says that the next generation of many of the models in this range will be smart, offering the possibility of remote control with the new Sharp Smart Home app. Set to further ease the load at home and maximise efficiency, SharpHome is designed for user-friendliness. The new intuitive app will not only enable users to programme and monitor the appliances from one easy-to-use platform, but also to tap into additional smart features for extra personalised support.  

“With this range, we are celebrating the uniqueness of every household by offering appliances that we hope will make everyone, whatever their interests, whatever their lifestyle, feel truly at home in the kitchen.” said Seçkin Gençoğlu, head of the MDA product line, Sharp. “Whether they are keen or reluctant cooks, or face challenges in terms of time or kitchen space, customers can find what they need to thrive at home and reduce their carbon footprint.” 

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