Fisher & Paykel unveils new Dual and Triple Zone fridges and freezers

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Fisher & Paykel unveils new Dual and Triple Zone fridges and freezers

Fisher & Paykel unveils new Dual and Triple Zone fridges and freezers

Fisher & Paykel has launched its first range of 60cm-wide luxury integrated refrigeration solutions featuring its Variable Temperature Zones and energy-saving ActiveSmart system for optimal food care. The integrated solutions are designed to sit behind a run of custom cabinets for the purity of kitchen design where the furniture becomes the focus.

The new range comprises five new integrated refrigeration and freezing solutions: the Integrated Refrigerator Freezer with Ice & Water, Integrated Dual Zone Freezer, Integrated Dual Zone Refrigerator (all available from August 2022) followed by the flagship models: Integrated Triple Zone Freezer, and Triple Zone Refrigerator with Ice & Water (available from November 2022). 

Curating Fisher & Paykel refrigeration is now an option for any kitchen designer, regardless of space or access restrictions. For a side-by-side American Style design, two separate models can be installed together, or if space is an issue the fridge-freezer column is an option. The advantage of the new ranges 60cm width means design flexibility for any kitchen. 

The new range offers automatic ice making, humidity control, integrated water dispenser, soft closing doors, interactive panel, glass bottomed shelves for improved visibility, Wi-Fi capability as well as the ActiveSmart capabilities. Fisher & Paykel’s intelligent ActiveSmart control system ensures food is stored as perfectly as possible, and also reduces food wastage by optimising both the quality of stored food and extending its storage time. By anticipating future use through sensing environmental conditions and understanding how you use your fridge, energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. The Max Chill and Fast Freeze features rapidly chill/freeze new items to a safe temperature retaining the colour, moisture and texture of food. 

Jo Jackson, product manager at Fisher & Paykel, said: “We are always looking to take on board feedback from our customers. One of the most common comments we receive is that homeowners, architects and designers would like to specify our appliances, but not everyone has the space to house the larger models. With that in mind our team has worked hard to bring an option to market that includes all the exceptional features that are associated with the Fisher & Paykel name in a design size suited to all homes, from bijoux apartments to loft conversions with restricted access.” 

The Bottom Mount and Dual Zone models will be available from August of 2022 and the flagship Triple Zone models from November 2022. For more information visit:

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