BiKBBI survey highlights mixed feelings among installation businesses

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BiKBBI survey highlights mixed feelings among installation businesses

BiKBBI survey highlights mixed feelings among installation businesses

A recent survey commissioned and published by the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Installation has revealed growing consumer interest in sustainability and sustainable supply chains for home improvement work. However, this positive outlook sits alongside increased concerns over rising operating costs, combined with slow economic growth, confusion about apprenticeships, and a lack of Government support for KBB business owners. 

The research project, which targeted KBB installation businesses and installers and took place across December 2022 and January 2023, consisted of 10 questions covering key topics including the economy, the skills gap and sustainability, and revealed:

* An increase in consumer interest in sustainable products and services when making home improvement decisions, with 30% of respondents noting an increase in enquiries 
* KBB installation businesses are worried about the future with more than 60% of respondents concerned about the future of their business
* Businesses operating in the KBB installation sector feel unsupported by government with an overwhelming 80% agreeing that the powers that be are not doing enough to support small businesses like theirs
* Apprenticeship places are not being created due to confusion and red tape about the process and associated costs

When asked about sustainability and whether the industry does enough to reduce its environmental impact, one third think there is more to be done, while almost 50% think the industry is doing enough. 31% reported an increase in customers asking for advice when it comes to environmentally friendly solutions.

Turning to the economy, over 40% felt there was a downturn in incoming business and over 60% of those surveyed were 'very concerned' or 'concerned' about their business this year. 60% said they were considering moving to a different industry, with 40% citing financial gain as an underlying reason for this.

Despite a growth in apprenticeship opportunities in the UK, the survey highlights that installation business owners are still not accessing this vital tool to help address the UK skills gap. Business owners are concerned about red tape, the expense and the process.

Damian Walters, BiKBBI CEO, pictured, said: "The outputs from the survey clearly demonstrate the areas of focus for the institute in terms of supporting our members. It is encouraging to see the demand for more education on the topic of sustainability and we will now work with our stakeholders to provide tools to assist installation businesses to promote environmentally motivated products, services and practices to consumers. The scale of concern in the KBB installation sector on the subject of the economy is not surprising... What is surprising is the volume of our existing workforce that would be prepared to leave the industry. Ordinarily, this would be concerning, but whilst we are in the midst of a deep-seated skills gap crisis, this would be catastrophic for the home improvement sector."

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