Hisense announces launch of new 5S Series laundry collection

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Hisense announces launch of new 5S Series laundry collection

Hisense announces launch of new 5S Series laundry collection

Hisense has launched its brand-new 5S Series collection, which includes smart washing and drying machines, as well as combined models for washing and drying. The new products are said by the company to be packed with the latest technology, including Auto Dosing, high-temperature steam and a ConnectLife App, allowing consumers to wash smarter, and with ease.

Featuring auto-dosing technology, the new Hisense 5S Series washing machine will automatically choose the precise detergent of softener dosage according to the weight of the clothes in the drum, ensuring optimum saving of product. The machine can hold and store up to 24 loads of detergent at a time so users can go about a month without adding it again.

The Class A washer also provides the user with multiple fast-washing programmes to meet personalised needs, including a quick wash programme and half-load washes. In addition the high temperature steam that is released from the bottom of the drum fully penetrates the clothes and can eliminate 99.9% of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus attached to the clothes.

The Hisense 5S Series dryer will easily remove any unpleasant odour and leave clothes clean and fresh in just 10 minutes. Thanks to a built-in high-pressure sensor, the machine can precisely monitor the temperature and rate of residual water constantly, ensuring a more efficient spin. 

The Hisense 5S Series Washer & Dryer (pictured) features the same auto dosing technology, and including the multiple fast-washing programmes. This product can also remove bacteria through drum clean and soapbox clean, and the Pure Jet function can wash away stains on the door and bellow, which is made out of sterile material. Thanks to constant improvements in energy efficiency, all the benefits of a modern washer & dryer will use significantly less energy in this model, meaning lower electricity bills and environmental sustainability.

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