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Multipanel's Lidia Cetrangolo on bathroom colours we'll see in 2024

Lidia Cetrangolo, marketing manager at bathroom wall-panelling brand Multipanel, explores the colour trends we can expec...

InsightFeatures Fri 8th Dec 2023

Crown's Justyna Korczynska reveals on-trend ways to work with colour

Homeowners have woken up to the fact that injecting colours they love into spaces gives a boost of positive energy and i...

InsightFeatures Fri 18th Nov 2022

Cassie Jones of Masterclass Kitchens on how colour trends are evolving

As Masterclass Kitchens announces the launch of two new ranges and colours, we catch up with brand manager Cassie Jones ...

InsightFeatures Thu 13th Oct 2022

Farrow & Ball's Joa Studholme on kitchen and bathroom colours for 2021

Colour curator Joa Studholme has worked with Farrow & Ball for over 25 years, and in that time she's developed colour ra...

InsightFeatures Mon 7th Dec 2020