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James Cunningham: Granite sinks are a must-have in post-COVID kitchens

James Cunningham, sales director at Rangemaster, explains why he believes that granite composite sinks are set to become...

OpinionPeople Thu 3rd Dec 2020

James Roberts of Sanctuary Bathrooms: Closing showrooms now is wrong

James Roberts, director of Leeds-based Sanctuary Bathrooms, gives his view on why this latest Government guidance forcin...

OpinionPeople Thu 19th Nov 2020

Darren Allison: Suppliers and retailers must adapt fast to survive

MD at BC Designs Darren Allison has never been more certain that manufacturers and retailers have to work in tandem to w...

OpinionPeople Mon 12th Oct 2020

BiKBBI CEO Damian Walters: 'Times are changing – and so should we'

Founder and CEO of the British Institute of KBB Installation, Damian Walters has vast retail installation experience inc...

OpinionPeople Mon 28th Sep 2020

Marketa Rypacek on how lockdown transformed the role of the bathroom

Managing director Marketa Rypacek founded lighting specialist Industville almost a decade ago following a successful car...

OpinionPeople Thu 24th Sep 2020

PR expert Alison Relf on how to spread the word about your brand

Alison Relf has been in PR and marketing for 30 years, and is the MD of Taylor Alden. She has worked with some of the to...

OpinionPeople Tue 8th Sep 2020