Blanco introduces new Blanco Unit drinking water systems

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Blanco introduces new Blanco Unit drinking water systems

Blanco introduces new Blanco Unit drinking water systems

Blanco has rebranded its Smart Tap range as – described as 'smart drinking water systems' – with the launch of its new Blanco Unit brochure.

The 20-page brochure details Blanco's range of drinking water systems – EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1, EVOL-S Pro Filter, FONTAS-S II Filter and TAMPERA 3-in-1. It has been designed to assist the kitchen designer and retailer when it comes to explaining the concept of drink.system taps and what they do. It also illustrates the benefits in employing the UNITconcept, which is designed to help customers create feature-rich kitchen hubs and help retailers with seamless upselling opportunities. The Blanco Unit combines sinks, taps, in-cabinet waste and organisation systems, and accessories into innovative and flexible solutions for modern kitchen life.

The company says that there are two main steps when choosing a Unit drink.system. The first is to choose one of the feature-rich taps to suit your customer's style and lifestyle. The second is to choose the sink or bowl that fits the kitchen design best. Then the final step is to waste less space, by teaming the chosen sink and tap with an integrated organisation system to complete the Blanco Unit.

Blanco customers can order the Blanco Unit brochure, in packs of 10, by calling the sales team on 01923 635 202 or emailing You can download the brochure here.

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