Impey's Shaun Hunt: Why wetroom training helps retail sales success

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Impey's Shaun Hunt: Why wetroom training helps retail sales success

Impey's Shaun Hunt: Why wetroom training helps retail sales success

A wetroom or dedicated wet area continues to be one of the most aspirational showering arrangements for residential and commercial specifications. Shaun Hunt, Impey’s technical field manager, explains why increasing numbers of retailers are keen to expand their technical wetroom installation knowledge.

“When we launched our ‘We Are Wetrooms’ UK training tour in 2016, the primary aim was to educate installers on the complexities of professional wetroom fitting. Back then, wetroom installation was a relatively new process for many installers, so we devised a programme, which covered the important basics like waterproofing, installing onto different flooring options, creating the perfect gradient, and identifying the correct drainage choices. Over the past six years, the luxury wetroom industry has grown exponentially and those within the trade have been keen to embrace solid industry training and online installation videos, to learn and understand the benefits and practicalities of residential wetroom installation.

"As the mainstream interest in wetrooms continues to increase, more consumers and professional specifiers have been keen to understand the installation process and the details of how a wetroom installation will work within the fabric of their properties. This, of course, puts the spotlight on those retailers selling wetrooms as part of their portfolio to have more in-depth answers. Beneficially, a more significant understanding of the workings of the installation process, offers an opportunity to really sell the features and the benefits of a wetroom, and reassure potential purchasers about the innovative workings of the wetroom underneath the tiled floor.

"The main wetroom-related topics, which often inspire many questions focus on how to overcome particular construction challenges. We are often asked for bespoke advice on:

* flooring requirements

* floor former design and size

* gradients and types of drainage 

* zoning the wetroom or wet area 

* tanking to create a completely watertight room 

* underfloor heating in a wetroom

" As we pass on this knowledge it enables retailers to gain the confidence of their customers, many who are installing a wetroom or wet area for the first time and require reassurance about wetroom ‘myths’ and how to avoid potential pitfalls. 

"In addition, many retailers feel that it’s key to have a good handle on current wetroom trends, available accessories, glass options, and overall design requirements to provide the best wetroom solution for each project they plan. 

"Supporting our national network of bathroom installers, tilers, merchant trade counters and retail showrooms has always been a high priority and the more current and accurate knowledge we are able to offer, the better equipped the industry becomes as a whole to deal with the burgeoning demand for wetrooms.” 

A schedule of monthly pre-bookable training is available on the Impey website. To gain access, simply sign up for free via and you will be emailed a direct link with login information.

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