Waters Baths of Ashbourne's Anthony Smith on designing a compact space

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Waters Baths of Ashbourne's Anthony Smith on designing a compact space

Waters Baths of Ashbourne's Anthony Smith on designing a compact space

Anthony Smith, company director for Waters Baths of Ashbourne, discusses why compact bathrooms shift focus to product quality, and how a high-end look can always still be achieved.

"With a lot of bathrooms in the UK being limited in space, it’s important for homeowners to take into consideration the amount of room they have to play around with, especially if they’re looking to install a larger product such as a bath. 

"If your client's bathroom doesn’t allow for a full-sized freestanding bath, then a more compact option is an ideal choice. These types of baths are typically reduced in their size or length to ensure that they fit into smaller and narrower rooms. 

"For those that not only have a very compact area but are also in need of both a shower and a bath, then a shower bath makes for an ideal choice. Many of these style baths are designed as inset baths, so they will fit perfectly against the wall, leaving an adequate amount of space in the room for other fittings such as storage, toilets and basins. 

"In any space, the clarity of quality is magnified when the room size is reduced. Whereas a larger room can be more forgiving, in a smaller space the devil really is in the detail and therefore the intelligence of design and quality of material of each element is vital to the overall aesthetic. Compact shower baths, space-saving back-to-wall baths and freestanding baths in compact and bijoux sizes fuse function and a sense of sanctuary; mirroring and equalling the quality, comfort and aesthetic of their standard or over-sized counterparts. Encourage your client to opt for a shower bath that delivers the luxury bathing of a freestanding bath, yet with the versatility of a shower – like those in our Space Collection. Made out of 100% recyclable lucite acrylic, the Flow and Ebb designs offer a way to maximise space, function and luxury whilst economising in other ways. 

The Ebb bath by Waters Baths of Ashbourne

"For customers wishing to increase a sense of space, or needing to navigate an awkward-shaped bathroom, a corner bath cleverly teams practicality with the luxurious indulgence of a freestanding tub.

"Perfectly blending form and function, cocooned within the comfortable support of its curves, a corner bath with flat edges allows space for bathroom accessories such as soap, a glass of wine or a scented candle, so homeowners can sit back, relax and unwind.

"Compact baths are one of the more popular choices for bathrooms, providing homeowners with a bath for showering and also for relaxing and unwinding in the evenings – which has never been more important. With a wide variety of compact designs to choose from, it’s crucial to make sure that homeowners choose the right size and style for their home. At Waters Baths of Ashbourne we believe we offer a broad range of back-to-wall and corner styles, which can be paired with any of our co-ordinating basins for a unified and statement look."

Waters Baths of Ashbourne's Flow bath

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