Neolith joins ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme

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Neolith joins ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme

Neolith joins ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme

Neolith – the sintered stone surface manufactured by TheSize Surfaces – has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme. 

Neolith UK operates from a distribution centre in Harlow, Essex where over 5,000 slabs are stocked, offering a sample service, customer support and technical advice. The graphics catalogue of TheSize products has been completed by ArtiCAD and comprises sintered stone worktops in some 50 colours.

Andreas Manero, CMO at TheSize, said: “We first came into contact with ArtiCAD in 2020. We know that many kitchen retailers use ArtiCAD-Pro design software, and we saw joining the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme as a way of opening up opportunities and getting our brand out to a huge number of designers working in the KBB sector. We believe that working with ArtiCAD will really increase awareness of our brands, and enable us to make contact with designers who may perhaps be thinking of including our products in their work for the very first time.”

He added: “The graphics are absolutely fantastic and are extremely successful in displaying the textures and colours of our products, and the way that light plays on the different surfaces. Having a partnership with a CAD company is absolutely key to our future growth and development. Now is exactly the right time for us to be developing a partnership with ArtiCAD, enabling us to make significant inroads into the UK industry.”

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