Smeg unveils 'revolutionary' new Galileo oven and cooking technology

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Smeg unveils 'revolutionary' new Galileo oven and cooking technology

Smeg unveils 'revolutionary' new Galileo oven and cooking technology

Italian appliances and cooking brand Smeg has revealed its latest launch – its new 'revolutionary cooking technology', Galileo. The new platform utilises a variety of cooking functions across the range’s models, which the company says makes it the first in the world to employ steam, microwave and traditional cooking together.

Launching across five new combination models – Omnichef, SteamOne, Steam100, Steam100PRO and SpeedwaveXL – the Galileo platform is said to guarantee better browning, heat distribution and cooking results, thanks to the back of the models’ new cavity design. This improved airflow system also helps avoid flavour transfer, allowing sweet and savoury dishes to be cooked all at once.

The range’s flagship model, Omnichef, combines traditional, steam and microwave cooking. Smeg has redesigned the interior of its oven to allow each of these cooking functions to work either independently, selecting functions one after another (MultiStep), or simultaneously (MultiTech) – depending on the dish being cooked. 

By combining the three cooking methods, the Galileo technology within the Omnichef model provides the benefits and qualities of each: even browning results of traditional cooking, moisture and flavour retention benefits of steam and the speed of microwave cooking. Combining all three methods with Omnichef is said to reduce cooking times by up to 70%. A few of the advantages of the technology include cooking a whole roast chicken in just 30 minutes and baked or roast potatoes in 20 minutes. 

Smeg’s Galileo cooking technology will be rolled out across its best-selling built-in oven ranges: Dolce Stil Novo, Linea, Victoria and Classic.

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