HiB unveils innovative new Fold illuminated bathroom mirror

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HiB unveils innovative new Fold illuminated bathroom mirror

HiB unveils innovative new Fold illuminated bathroom mirror

Bathroom product supplier HiB has unveiled the Fold mirror, showcasing a new illumination feature that it says enhances its practical use and style.

The new Fold mirror features distinctive illuminated edges that can be angled to a desired position, focussing the LED lighting on the subject or outwards to brighten the space. The moveable feature offers users the flexibility of a more direct task light, ideal for everyday activities or an appealing ambient light for creating an atmosphere. As well as the unique illumination position, the mirror also features dimming capabilities and colour temperature changing technology, so the user can alter the light’s brightness and tone to suit their particular needs. 

Operated using a touch switch, the mirror also benefits from a heated pad, which reduces condensation on the mirrors surface after a hot bath or shower.

Talking about the new Fold mirror, sales director Ash Chilver said: “Fold takes the flexibility and practical use of precise LED illumination to new heights, making it an adaptable and practical focal point in the bathroom. Its sleek, understated style with the adjustable lighting is perfect for a wide range of bathrooms and it really offers something different which customers can enjoy using.”

The Fold mirror is available in H80 x W50cm, H80 x W60cm and H60 x W80cm options.

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