Daval's Simon Bodsworth: Sustainability is key to our family business

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Daval's Simon Bodsworth: Sustainability is key to our family business

Daval's Simon Bodsworth: Sustainability is key to our family business

Sustainability is at the heart of family business Daval, says MD Simon Bodsworth – it's a natural part of caring about the future and wanting to pass it on to the next generation.

"With 100-strong network of Design Partners nationwide, we’ve come a long way since my parents David and Alyson Bodsworth set up a small shop in Milnsbridge, West Yorkshire back in 1978. Dad was a cabinet maker and passing on his skills and love of British heritage to his family. Today, I run the business as managing director, with my two brothers – James, design director and Paul, operations director. The newest Bodsworth is Paul’s little girl who proudly wears a Daval babygro, and we fully intend to keep developing our business with true Yorkshire grit and determination so that she can play her part in the years ahead. 

"With an unwavering focus on quality British craftsmanship and bespoke, individual design, all Daval’s products are still manufactured in the very same valley where it all began, all those years ago. Our passion and commitment as a business towards the circular economy pushes us to innovate with regards to our sourcing and manufacturing methods, as well as our product development. 

"In fact, our award-winning closed-looped production system has decreased our carbon footprint using sawdust and waste in a biomass system, which heats our Huddersfield factory and has reduced the company’s carbon emissions by 130 tonnes annually. All production waste is recycled and our made-to-measure, made-to-order furniture is built from sustainable materials to again reduce wastage and help us make the transition to the "post-carbon economy" smoothly and with no impact to our current business model.

"As a second-generation family business, our contemporary Renzo range demonstrates this and provides the UK market with an option that gives future generations a better quality of life. We are also proud that our latest real wood kitchen also has sustainable credentials. Its solid ash foundation is exclusively sourced from properly managed forests, which balances the survival of our forests and society's increasing demand for wood products and their positive effects. 

"We are finding that consumer appetite for sustainable products is stronger than ever and trends show a preference for companies and products with eco-status, like Tesla converting the mainstream driver. The market’s moral compass has shifted towards a more conscientious buying approach and ways in which the buyer can ‘feel good’ about their purchase, so eco-alternatives that are just as affordable and effective are in demand.

"The need to help our planet can’t be ignored either and I strongly believe that new homes will call for a sustainable foundation, where construction and product specification will require a certain level of eco-credentials. As this global challenge gains momentum, I expect to see a greater level of action from premium manufacturers like Daval, that want to make a difference and provide long-term, sustainable solutions that don’t compromise on quality or design originality. 

"From our factory nestled along the Leeds to Liverpool Canal in Slaithwaite, we create bespoke spaces for homes across the UK, all with the Bodsworth family’s longstanding commitment to British manufacturing. We are constantly inspired by my parents’ vision of helping other families to enjoy the benefits of practical, beautiful and sustainable furniture and love to share this passion with our retailers and consumers. As many kitchen design studios are also family businesses, we understand what a privilege it is to be part of their plans and look forward to many years of growth so that the next generation of Bodsworths can play a key role in our vibrant KBB industry."

Main picture above, left to right: Simon Bodsworth, Daval MD, with his brothers James, design director and Paul, operations director.
Below, left to right: James, Simon and Paul.

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