Egger UK's Ryan Sheahan: The future direction of the worktop market

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Egger UK's Ryan Sheahan: The future direction of the worktop market

Egger UK's Ryan Sheahan: The future direction of the worktop market

Ryan Sheahan, Egger UK’s distribution manager, shares his thoughts on the current trends, the need to offer consumers enough choice, and the future direction of worktops.

“Individuality and personalisation have been very prominent in all aspects of design for some time. The pandemic has fuelled this even further, and now specific trends are difficult to define as consumers become more confident in their own style and preference.

"People are now focussed on creating spaces that fit into their everyday lives, and are looking for surfaces that are stylish, yet functional. 

"Woodgrain, stone and marble designs are extremely popular as consumers seek designs with natural elements. Known as the cocooning effect, people are creating warm, cosy environments by selecting designs that have a strong connection to nature.   

F205 ST9 Anthracite Pietra Grigia 16mm Square Edge

"Solid surface worktops can blow the budget, but a great alternative is a realistic laminate worktop. Hygienic and durable, state-of-the-art technology offers designs and textures almost indistinguishable from the original material. 

"It can be challenging to pull together a one-size-fits-all range that does not over overwhelm the customer with choice. However, by offering a carefully considered range of decors, available in multiple product types, offers flexibility. Matching materials is a huge trend as people look to create impact by selecting one decor for all design elements, or by creating matching accents. 

F186 ST9 Light Grey Chicago Concrete 38mm Postformed

"In addition to meeting the needs of the customer, it is important to consider the kitchen fitter and installer’s requirements. At Egger, we have developed a bespoke range of installation accessories, which if used with the step-by-step Egger Worktop Fitting Guide, guarantees the worktop for 10 years. 

"We also offer a 3.1m worktop length to complement our 4.1m postformed worktops. This size is optimised for easy transportation and installation, and is well suited for trade and contract kitchens as they are ready for use. 

"With so much to consider, it is more important than ever for retailers to offer guidance and support to their customers. By using digital visualisation tools, in store point of sale, brochures and swatches, retailers can easily assist with individual projects. Not only does this help customers bring their ideas to life, but also puts them in control of creating their own bespoke design ideas.”

H1336 ST37 Sand Grey Glazed Halifax Oak 38mm Square Edge

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