CRL Quartz – creating a sociable kitchen at the heart of family life 

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CRL Quartz – creating a sociable kitchen at the heart of family life   Sponsored

CRL Quartz – creating a sociable kitchen at the heart of family life 

With a marble-inspired look that works in harmony with of-the-moment materials like wood and stone, CRL Quartz Savannah is a surface that makes a stunning centrepiece in the modern kitchen, combining style with durability. 

Part of the Marble Collection from CRL Stone, it was the warm and inviting appearance of CRL Quartz Savannah that made it the perfect choice for the new owners of this Victorian terrace property. Uplifting the room and transforming it from a small and dark space, the worktops form a key part of the transformation. refurbishing the kitchen and conservatory was top of their list, with new worktops from CRL Stone being part of the transformation. 

Knocking two rooms into one, the owners undertook a full kitchen overhaul, the quartz surfaces were matched with new flooring, paintwork, cabinets and island. 

The former dark galley kitchen became a large, bright space achieved by using a light, natural palette with natural-looking materials. CRL Quartz Savannah has a marble-inspired look that ties in seamlessly with the wood furniture and stone-effect porcelain tiled flooring. 

The worktops are large, measuring 4m along the wall and 2.4m on the island, giving the family ample space for food preparation, dining and entertaining, so it was important that the surface chosen was eye-catching yet would work with the overall palette. The couple fell in love with the limestone hue of CRL Quartz Savannah, the colour and pattern of which works well with the grey cabinets while adding warmth and being extremely hardy to withstand lots of kitchen activity. 

In the finished space, the worktops connect all the other elements of the kitchen and are the most noticeable fixture. This is a kitchen that really is the heart of the home; a versatile space that is calm and soothing during the day, but comes alive after dark.

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