Laura Vaillant of PWS on the universal appeal of a timber Shaker door

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Laura Vaillant of PWS on the universal appeal of a timber Shaker door

Laura Vaillant of PWS on the universal appeal of a timber Shaker door

As PWS unveils its new Crathorne door, we talk to product designer Laura Vaillant about the ability of Shaker to appeal to all tastes, and why the latest launch works perfectly in both classic and contemporary settings.

Q: Tell us about the new Crathorne door – why have you launched it now?
A: Launched in response to the popularity of Shaker kitchens, Crathorne is a 5-piece timber Shaker, with a visible ash grain texture and slender frame. It is an extremely versatile range to plan with, from contemporary handleless to classic mock in-frame. On top of this, Crathorne offers some premium services including Outline integrated handle, paint-to-order and bespoke. Even more fantastic, the on-trend colours of Hartforth Blue and Regiment come as a stocked colour offering.

Q: Is it in response to any particular trend?
A: Recent events – COVID-19 – have heavily shaped and influenced our daily lives. While restrictions have lifted, there is still this behavioural change and feeling of the home being a safe, comforting place, which Shakers perfectly capture. They are the heartland of kitchen furniture and have been for centuries. The texture of the ash woodgrain provides tactility and offers natural warm as well as honesty into homes. Shakers not only create emotional connections, but they are the perfect canvas for bold, expressive colours. Like the currently trending blue, green and earthy red shades.

Q: What advantages does 'transitional' style offer homeowners? 
A: Transitional styling offers functionality, finesse and harmonious balance. It is a happy medium for those wanting modern and traditional elements in one design with an overriding minimal aesthetic.

Q: Why does the Shaker door have such enduring appeal?
A: The humble Shaker works exceptionally well across modern and classic settings and remains a firm favourite when it comes to designing a timeless kitchen space in any architectural setting. It effortlessly welcomes bold colours and embraces individual styling and customisation.

Q: Are handleless kitchens enjoying a resurgence in popularity at the moment?
A: The availability of true handleless and, more recently, integrated handle designs has seen a revival of handleless kitchens. They not only offer a modern and refined aesthetic but also give a tailored, custom feel to a space. Our Crathorne range offers handleless sizes as well as being offered with an Outline Edge integrated handle.

Q: What advantages do handleless doors offer designers?
A: The minimal aesthetic of handleless kitchens allows designers to creatively combine colour, texture and extravagant styling to curate a beautiful space that is also highly functional. Our Crathorne handleless doors successfully cater for those who are wanting to create a hybrid of design styles.

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