Fisher & Paykel launches new Sabbath-compliant oven

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Fisher & Paykel launches new Sabbath-compliant oven

Fisher & Paykel launches new Sabbath-compliant oven

Fisher & Paykel has blended tradition and technology with its latest launch – a new oven that has been designed in consultation with Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Guttentag, director of KF Kosher’s FedTech department at the Federation of Synagogues, to ensure it meets the highest Sabbath-compliant standards.

Fisher & Paykel’s touch screen oven in its new range has a Sabbath Mode designed for those of the Jewish faith who observe a ‘no work’ requirement on Sabbath. Sabbath mode control allows the oven to operate on Classic Bake with a choice of low, medium and high settings for up to 73 hours. In compliance with Jewish tradition, the oven setting keeps a constant temperature running, and does not turn on lights or have varying fan speeds as it is acceptable to keep food warm that has been prepared before the Sabbath.

Although Sabbath is observed with varying stringencies between Jewish communities, Fisher & Paykel has created a mode that can meet all demands in consultation with leading figures of the Jewish community. The Sabbath Mode can be activated by the user if desired but otherwise does not impact day-to-day usage of the oven.

Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Guttentag said: “This is simply one of the most sophisticated examples of a Sabbath compliant appliance for the general domestic appliance market and it was pleasure to be involved in its development. One of the biggest hurdles with modern-day appliances is that, in spite of their fantastic features, the more intuitive and intelligent they are the more complicated it can be to ensure they are Sabbath compliant. With the advancement of technology, it has become more difficult for the observant Jewish community to utilise basic kitchen appliances on their Sabbath and Yom Tov (weekday festivals), but this product has been made in consultation with the community and a dedicated product and technical team, so it is of the highest standard which is so important to our community when selecting appliances.”

Jo Jackson, market product manager at Fisher & Paykel, said: “At Fisher & Paykel we aspire to be the most human-centred appliance brand in the world. Our company was born in New Zealand, one of the most remote places on earth, and it’s this history of resourcefulness that is the lifeblood of everything we create. Our co-founder Sir Woolf Fisher was Jewish, and his design philosophy of luxuries in necessities is ingrained in each of our new products.”

The new ovens come in fully black designs or stainless steel – pictured is the fully black OB60SDPTDB1 touch screen oven with dial.

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