Bertazzoni to mark 140 years of business with prolonged celebrations

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Bertazzoni to mark 140 years of business with prolonged celebrations

Bertazzoni to mark 140 years of business with prolonged celebrations

Italian kitchen appliance specialist Bertazzoni is celebrating 140 years of business with the brand attributing its success to its unwavering core values – family, food and engineering. Founded in Guastalla in 1882, Bertazzoni now employs around 240 people and covers four different appliance categories including cooking, cooling and dishwashing. The brand currently operates in more than 60 markets around the world, including the UK, China, Australia and the US. From its factory in Guastalla, Italy, it produces more than 200,000 kitchen appliances each year.

Nicola Bertazzoni, COO at Bertazzoni, commented: “We are incredibly proud of the Bertazzoni brand and how it has grown over the last 140 years. This is a business built on the solid foundations of love and passion and with an overwhelming desire to bring families together to share the joy of cooking and delicious food, something that we have come to do very well.

“This is a landmark year for us and we plan to prolong the celebrations throughout the duration of 2022 with a number of events, announcements and innovations to be revealed across the year. With an incredible 140 years behind us, we now look forward to the years ahead and the innovations we can bring to our most valued customers.”

The family company is presided over by fifth and sixth generations – an unbroken line that stretches back to the 19th century when Francesco Bertazzoni, a maker of precision weighing machines for the cheese industry, noticed a new type of wood burning stove being used for heating railcars on the railroad from Germany. He and his son Antonio began to make their own stoves, which were soon being sent all over Italy.

The brand is expected to make a number of announcements over the coming months in recognition of its special year and most recently has unveiled a number of new range cooker additions to its Professional, Master and Heritage Series.

Pictured are some Bertazzoni wood-burning stoves in a warehouse in the 1930s.

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