Niko Skarlatos: Why it's the perfect time for Kaiser to enter the UK

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Niko Skarlatos: Why it's the perfect time for Kaiser to enter the UK

Niko Skarlatos: Why it's the perfect time for Kaiser to enter the UK

German brand Kaiser has entered the UK market with its portfolio of contemporary and retro-style appliances – director Niko Skarlatos tells us about the brand's plans to open a showroom in London, and why retailers can be reassured about their strong stock levels.

Q: Tell us about Kaiser – what is the company's background and why are they entering the UK now?
A: Kaiser was established in Germany in 1995 by engineer Andrei Friedmann and, following huge successes in over 15 different countries across Europe and Africa, was introduced to the UK in 2022. Now is the right time to enter the UK as there is a gap in the market when it comes to classic, retro and vintage style appliances. Also, with many appliance manufacturers in the UK experiencing ongoing stock shortages, it seemed like the perfect time to enter the market with our strong stock levels. 

Q: What does the product portfolio consist of?
A: Kaiser offers cooking, cooling and dishwashing appliances, in a variety of unique ranges. The portfolio includes contemporary appliances such as the La Perle range, as well as classical-style appliances that form the award winning Art Deco and Empire ranges. It’s this traditional style that Kaiser is best-known for. 

The Art Deco range perfectly captures a neoclassical style, suiting the most luxurious homes and consumers with a distinct taste for vintage styling. By contrast, the La Perle range is ultra-modern and designed for the discerning gourmet chef who desires elegant appliances with innovative functionality. The portfolio also consists of the contemporary Avantgarde Pro and Grand Chef ranges, striking the perfect balance between functionality, quality and style. 

Kaiser La Perle induction hob and cooker hood

Q: What about the products is of particular interest for kitchen designers? And for homeowners?
A: There are always consumers seeking a vintage and retro look. We’re starting to gain traction with kitchen designers because we have classical-style appliances in unique designs that other appliance manufacturers do not offer. 

Many homeowners are particularly interested in the robustness of Kaiser appliances. Our appliances boast German heritage with robust quality and engineering, as well as innovative technologies and distinctive styles. 

Kaiser appliances are also available at a reasonable price. Being a luxury brand, the prices are towards the top end of the market, however they are not exorbitant. 

Kaiser Art Deco beer and wine cooler

Q: What support does the company offer kitchen retailers in terms of product training and displays?
A: We’re currently planning to open a showroom in London, so we can fully support retailers with training sessions and product demonstrations. 

We also invite and encourage any retailers visiting the IFA exhibition to come and join us on the Kaiser stand to learn about our product ranges and see for themselves what we have to offer. 

We can help retailers put together displays of our products for their showrooms. Additionally, we have catalogues and brochures, which retailers can give to their customers, allowing them to see the full Kaiser range. Importantly, we are accessible. Retailers can reach us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to help. 

Q: How about customer care?
A: If a customer has a problem, we will fix it. We have spare parts available in the UK and we are also working with a leading independent kitchen appliance repair specialist to ensure that if an appliance encounters a problem, it can be fixed promptly.

At Kaiser, we understand the importance of being able to speak to someone if you have an issue and that it is very frustrating if you can’t get hold of anyone to help. We have phone lines, and live online chats set up, so that our customers can reach us quickly and have their problem resolved. Everyone in our team is involved in customer service; this is very important to us. We value our customers and don’t shy away from any questions or concerns that they may have. 

Q: How can Kaiser guarantee product supply?
A: We have strong stock levels at our Hertfordshire warehouse, as well as thousands of appliances available at Kaiser’s German warehouse that can be delivered to the UK with around two weeks’ notice. 

Kaiser Empire range in red

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