Haier Europe 'reshapes the boundaries of connectivity' at IFA 2022

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Haier Europe 'reshapes the boundaries of connectivity' at IFA 2022

Haier Europe 'reshapes the boundaries of connectivity' at IFA 2022

Haier Europe took the opportunity at this year's IFA in Berlin, which ran from 2nd to 6th September, to 'reshape the boundaries of connectivity'. According to the company, its primary aim is to 'meet every consumer’s need through continuous technological innovation, a careful use of artificial intelligence, and constantly advanced design', and presented new solutions from Candy, Hoover, and Haier in which the IoT (the Internet of Things) plays a key role. 

The 3,700sq m exhibition space is said to have captured Haier’s futuristic vision of a smart home. Candy, Hoover, and Haier were shown in three distinct spaces, with three immersive pathways progressing through dedicated stations that highlighted each range’s innovations. Events, entertainment, and show-cooking all contributed to the user experience. Key launches included a number of innovative laundry products offering functions to personalise washing, along with new high-performance dishwashers, and cooling products with the brand's new Absolute Ice technology. 

The hOn app platform allows users to manage all the appliances of the three brands and access various services, thanks to an increasing number of partners, established on a 'scenario-based ecosystem'. The number of registered users on the hOn app has recently hit 4.5million.

“IFA in Berlin is a unique occasion for us to present our innovations and leadership. An international event that the whole industry has been awaiting with great enthusiasm,” said Gianpiero Morbello, head of brand & IOT Haier Europe. “Our diversified approach allows us to reach all targets, with the three brands, through a customisation of home services and the design of unlimited models of interaction with the consumer.”

The company also used the occasion to announce Haier Europe's most significant recent achievements, including the opening of new plants. In 2021, it completed the construction of two new factories in Romania and Turkey, which specialise in manufacturing refrigerators and dryers respectively. In 2022, production also began at the new dishwasher plant in Turkey. All the new factories are said to be structured to optimise production capacity, product availability and range flexibility. 

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