Egger's Aimee Fletcher on the rise of pastels and Silent Solid Colours

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Egger's Aimee Fletcher on the rise of pastels and Silent Solid Colours

Egger's Aimee Fletcher on the rise of pastels and Silent Solid Colours

Egger UK’s design manager, Aimee Fletcher, welcomes the arrival of pastel tones, as consumers look for a fresh, more flexible approach to design. 

Over the last 12 months, there has been a dramatic shift in design trends for interior spaces. Designs now need to offer flexibility, as consumers look to create modular living environments. Paint colours from the likes of Farrow & Ball, Lick, and Coat have paved the way for pastel tones and, as a result, people are looking to source furniture that blend into tonal layers. 

Trend evolution is moving at a much faster pace than ever before. For example, the deep, dark blue and rich, dark green decors that took the market by storm in 2020/21 are evolving towards pastel tones, with mid-tone decor variants stepping forward. 

Decors are now paired in a ‘mix and match’ fashion due to the rapid pace trends are developing at. Furniture designs need to easily transition into future trends, and pastel tones meet this requirement. It is not just in furniture and interior design where these shades are taking centre stage, but also in the fashion, automotive and technology industries. 

Pastel tones have taken on the challenge of replacing cool grey as the base colour, and they are succeeding so far! Instead of one dominant colour leading the way, we are now seeing multiple colour trends running alongside each other. There is no doubt grey still has its place, but it’s a much warmer look post Covid, as designers choose softer, more comfortable shades to create sanctuaries in home and work spaces. 

A huge benefit of pastel shades is their black undertone. This is crucial to the success of the trend, as they work well with the popular ceramic and brassware accessories that are so popular at the moment. 

To meet the demand for these warm, understated tones, we are introducing a selection of Silent Solid Colours, fully aligned with the shift towards pastel shades. 

Red tones are getting a lot of interest from the UK market as they offer warmth. Two new introductions include U335 ST9 Rusty Red, which meets the demand for a soft clay shade, and U211 ST9 Almond Beige, which offers a pink tint that combines well with all types of woodgrains and stone materials. Stone coloured uni colour, U767 ST9 Cubanit Grey is an existing décor, but works very effectively with matt black and the tones of many woodgrains, including Grey Lorenzo Oak and Beige Grey Vicenza Oak. 

Beige is back with warm grey tones instead of the harsh yellow tones previously seen. Like the stone uni colours, U115 Carat Beige, it combines well with black accents to create a warm, light and modern interior. The addition of U502 ST9 Misty Blue supports those making the transition from darker blue shades. This mid-tone, dusky decor is more flexible, allowing customers to be creative and bring in additional light. 

The colour of the moment is U604 ST9 Reed Green. It pairs beautifully with our natural woodgrains, in both modern and traditional interiors. Amplified by the focus on sustainability and positive mental health, the uptake of greens and lighter woodgrains has been phenomenal. People are bringing the outdoors in and creating relaxing home and work environments that connect them to nature. 

Looking forward, I expect the demand for pastel tones to continue. Grey will always be a big player, but in combination with colour and warmer tones, things are slowly changing.

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