Merlyn announces campaign to #painTITpink across Britain's bathrooms

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Merlyn announces campaign to #painTITpink across Britain's bathrooms

Merlyn announces campaign to #painTITpink across Britain's bathrooms

Merlyn and the Pink Ribbon Foundation have launched a campaign across social media inviting people to literally ‘paint it pink’ by drawing pink boobs on bathroom mirrors and showers doors, and sharing a picture of them with the campaign hashtag. 

After recent figures revealed that two in five (41%) women in the UK do not check their breasts regularly for possible signs and symptoms of breast cancer, the new campaign – #painTITpink – aims to break the silence on this life saving subject and make it part of everyday conversation. 

Eileen Slattery, marketing manager at Merlyn, said: “Many people find it embarrassing or uncomfortable to talk to friends, colleagues and even family about checking their bodies for signs of change which often means we forget to check at all. So we wanted to find a lighthearted way to normalise the conversation and get everyone talking about it so it becomes part of our daily habits. The shower is one of the best places to check your breasts and it's the most common place that women pick up on any changes to their bodies. To spread the word, we will be using pink lipstick to draw boobs on the bathroom mirror or shower door and sharing them across social media as a visual reminder to get people talking and checking.” 

Launched during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Merlyn will also be inviting bathroom retailers to order free campaign stickers to place on shower doors in showrooms across the UK and Ireland. 

“Breast cancer is still one of the most common types of cancer in the UK. Around one in seven UK females will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and early detection is key to fighting the disease which is why this campaign is so important. We want to get everyone talking about checking their breasts just as easily as they would tell a friend about going to the dentist or getting a massage,” says the Pink Ribbon Foundation’s head of corporate partnerships, Lisa Allen. 

Merlyn has partnered with the Pink Ribbon Foundation, a breast cancer grant-making trust that provides critical financial support to UK charities, since 2019. 

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