Kitchen brand Pronorm celebrates 50 years in business

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Kitchen brand Pronorm celebrates 50 years in business

Kitchen brand Pronorm celebrates 50 years in business

Contemporary kitchen brand Pronorm has celebrated its 50th anniversary with an event at its HQ in Vlotho, Germany, attended by current employees, as well as past and present MDs.

The social event, following another successful Hausmesse, was an opportunity for Pronorm to recognise the progression and growth of the brand over the last 50 years. Current joint MDs Thorsten Gösling, MD of operations and Roger Klinkenberg, MD for marketing and sales, welcomed all of Pronorm’s past MDs since 1972 – Karsten Müller, Friedhelm Meyer and Heinz Hachmeister.

Pronorm recently invested €16.5m in the expansion of its production hall, which now has the manufacturing capacity to produce 360,000 units per year. The extension has expanded the HQ and factory to 27,500sq m creating more capacity, flexibility and individuality of product planning for customers across the company’s kitchen ranges of Y-Line and X-Line handleless and ProLine 128. The investment has also paved the way for new product ranges such as the premium i-luminate kitchen brand featuring patented integrated handle lighting.

Roger Klinkenburg, MD for marketing and sales, said: “The 2022 Hausmesse allowed us to display our design investment and understanding of the kitchen business across many markets. To be able to celebrate the 50th anniversary also this year has been a great chance to give special recognition to the Pronorm team and thank our trading and industry partners for their trust in in company over the last 50 years."

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