Getting you up to speed with Smeg’s newest addition

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Getting you up to speed with Smeg’s newest addition  Sponsored

Getting you up to speed with Smeg’s newest addition

Part of Galileo, the revolutionary new platform of Smeg ovens, SpeedwaveXL combines traditional cooking and microwave in one appliance, designed to enhance cooking flexibility, speed up cooking, and offer kitchen designers tangible space saving improvements.

Professional cooking results in your kitchen
Whilst maintaining the quality of food, the exciting new SpeedwaveXL can reduce cooking times by up to 40% when the oven combines with microwaves.

The cavities of Galileo ovens have been redesigned to have improved heat distribution, which allows for even better browning and cooking results. Cook your favourite sweet and savoury meals together with the new airflow system, ensuring no flavour transfers between dishes.

Maximise your cooking space
The SpeedwaveXL oven combines microwave and traditional cooking, allowing you to free up valuable kitchen space on worktops and built-in units. An alternative to separate combi microwaves and warming drawers, the SpeedwaveXL can cater for both, whilst offering ample cooking capacity with single or multiple ovens installed for flexibility or symmetry, like pictured. It offers a spacious 68-litre capacity with 5 cooking levels, providing 50% extra cooking space compared to a traditional household microwave.

Versatility at your fingertips 
Customers can take their cooking experience to the next level, thanks to optional airfry, bbq and pizza stone accessories – extending the oven’s flexibility yet further.

Become a chef in the comfort of your own kitchen by exploring a variety of cooking functions available. Make cinema-style popcorn with the 'pop' function, defrost ice cream slowly with the 'melt' function, and delicately defrost meat with the 'soft' function.

Currently in Smeg’s new black Linea aesthetic, or stainless steel Classic aesthetic, customers purchasing the model in Linea (SO6102M2B3) will qualify for a 5 year promotional warranty.

To find out more about SpeedwaveXL technology, click HERE or contact Smeg’s Kitchen Studio team for more information:



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