Aqualisa announces launch of eVOLVE electric shower series

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Aqualisa announces launch of eVOLVE electric shower series

Aqualisa announces launch of eVOLVE electric shower series

Bathroom specialist Aqualisa has introduced the eVOLVE range: a new line-up of electric showers that comes in a choice of Arctic White, Space Grey or Midnight Black with a satin silver trim. Three power options (8.5kW, 9.5kW or 10.5kW) allow homeowners to select the model to suit their individual needs.

A-rated for energy efficiency, the units feature easy-to-use dials and deliver instant showers with no demand on the home’s stored hot water. Providing full control over both temperature and power, eVOLVE only consumes the energy and water flow selected by the user, allowing families to minimise usage of both. And during the warmer months of the year, when the inlet supply is hotter, users will experience even greater benefits as less energy is required to heat the water.

Each model is equipped with an over temperature protection system, so the water will always remain at the desired heat level and never exceed 50°C. A digital display clearly shows the temperature at all times, and Aqualisa has built in a low pressure indicator to alert the user should the water pressure fall. Furthermore, Aqualisa’s five-second phased shut-down technology minimises the risk of limescale build-up, helping to extend the life of the product. A two-year parts and labour guarantee affords extra peace of mind.

Joe Brawn, head of product management at Aqualisa, commented: “Electric showers now account for approximately 45% of the total UK shower market, and are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the control, water- and energy-saving efficiencies they bring. With no hot water source required, they only heat up the water the user needs, taking water from the mains cold supply rather than from stored hot water tanks. Thanks to its innovative new design, the eVOLVE shower range now ensures even further control over energy and water consumption, delivered in an attractive and stylish form factor that will blend in with any modern or classic bathroom interior.”

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