Hansgrohe to present 'Green Vision Beyond Water' at ISH 2023

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Hansgrohe to present 'Green Vision Beyond Water' at ISH 2023

Hansgrohe to present 'Green Vision Beyond Water' at ISH 2023

Hansgrohe is set to present its 'Green Vision Beyond Water: Rethinking Bathroom Culture' to an international audience at ISH 2023. The world's leading sanitary trade fair will take place in Frankfurt, Germany from 13th to 17th March. Afterwards, Hansgrohe's Green Vision will go on tour and invite public discourse on Rethinking Bathroom Culture. 

The brands says that to rethink bathroom culture, an understanding of what the bathroom stands for today and the habits that will be the future drivers of sustainable bathrooms in the future, was vital. Hansgrohe conducted qualitative analysis with various experts and pioneers from the fields of sustainability, health, and architecture to help shed light on sustainable bathroom rituals from different perspectives. These personal interviews formed the basis of Hansgrohe’s Green Vision alongside four key areas of insight:

Beyond Water: In the bathroom, mental needs are satisfied through resource-intensive rituals. It serves as a place of retreat, an emotional cocoon. In future, we need to create a place that focuses on mental hygiene and enables regeneration whilst conserving resources.

Conscious Hygiene: Convenient hygiene rituals are firmly anchored in everyday life; however, they often consume high amounts of water. New, simple routines that incorporate water-saving will not only help the environment, but also keeps skin healthy. 

Warm Nest: The physical and emotional need for warmth in the bathroom is something we’re all familiar with. However, today's bathrooms are often very cold due to the choice of colours and materials, and this is compounded with energy-intensive heating and high level hot water consumption. Hansgrohe’s Green Vision Beyond Water creates a place of wellbeing that provides a feeling of warmth and security, with minimal energy consumption.

Empowering Knowledge: Even people who live their lives with the environment in mind often have no awareness of their concrete resource consumption. To enable a sustainable change in behaviour, water consumption must be made tangible.

Steffen Erath, head of innovation & sustainability at Hansgrohe SE, said: "With Hansgrohe's Green Vision Beyond Water, we are ending the age of extreme hot water consumption in the bathroom for the pure satisfaction of hygiene and wellness needs. A bathroom that uses 90% less water and energy than today's bathrooms, is our consistent response to, and vision for, the current and upcoming water and energy crisis."

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