Yvonne Orgill on taking the UWLA's message to a global audience at ISH

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Yvonne Orgill on taking the UWLA's message to a global audience at ISH

Yvonne Orgill on taking the UWLA's message to a global audience at ISH

As the world’s leading trade fair for water – ISH – draws closer, and the UWLA prepares to take the 'Water Matters' message to a global audience, managing director Yvonne Orgill explains the importance of a unified campaign across Europe.

Many European countries are dealing with a cost of living crisis, as we are in the UK, and this has brought increased awareness of the need to save water and energy, as well challenges for governments as they to seek to drive forward sustainable projects. 

The Government recently published a road map for a cleaner, greener country that details proposed actions to take on water efficiency in new developments and retrofits, and to enable new water-efficient technologies. It is our hope that we can continue to work with Government to demonstrate that the Unified Water Label is a smart tool that can help them meet these objectives.

With our European partners, the UWLA has made significant progress drawing organisations together and helping them realise their collective responsibility and the part they have to play to bring about change.

Industry must work together to show governments that the solution they have developed, with the Unified Water Label, is a sound base from which to influence and educate.

Any proposed mandatory label could dictate what products would come to market but not necessarily provide the infrastructure to change behaviour patterns that we have been developing alongside the Unified Water Label.

The right products are only one small part, consumers must have confidence that they will not suffer any reduction in quality and experience, and understand how the choices they make can impact not only on their own energy bills but on climate change.

There is huge potential to save millions of litres of water every single year if we can facilitate the swapping of old inefficient products for new water-saving products and change behaviours of how these products are used.

Every manufacturer, installer and retailer can influence and help bring about this shift. Attitudes are changing; in the last 12 months we have seen several international retailers come on board to support the Unified Water Label. They will be with us at ISH to launch their own visible consumer campaigns, adding to our programme of driving forward changes in opinion and habits of consumers.

The Unified Water Label has produced new eye-catching logos for members and supporters to use on their stands at ISH, confirming their commitment and helping us raise visibility  and awareness, over the course of the exhibition.

These logos are available to download for FREE from our website and can be used in showrooms, on websites and in marketing material at any time.

Sustainability including water efficiency is here to stay, industry can capitalise, and the investment is good for business, as consumers embrace the need to make small behaviour changes that can collectively make a massive difference.

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