Design focus: 5 striking tile trends spotted at Cevisama 2023

InsightFeatures Fri 10th Mar 2023 by Emma Hedges

Design focus: 5 striking tile trends spotted at Cevisama 2023

Design focus: 5 striking tile trends spotted at Cevisama 2023

Feature by Emma Hedges | Fri 10th Mar 2023

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Cevisama, the leading trade event for the Spanish ceramic tile sector, took place at Feria Valencia in Spain from 27th February to 3rd March – Emma Hedges was there to check out the key trends.

The annual 5-day trade fair where Spain's leading tile manufacturers showcase their latest products and innovations was back after an enforced Covid-related hiatus, and this year's edition was as vibrant as ever. It's a sector that's been brutally hit by rising energy costs, and in spite of an estimated 19.5% drop in visitor numbers compared to the last pre-pandemic show, organisers were feeling positive. A survey carried out among 50 of the 436 direct exhibitors revealed that 86% believed their presence at the show has generated high or very high sales expectations – certainly aisles were full and stands were buzzing, and everywhere you looked there was plenty of creativity on display.


The dominant trend on most stands was the stone-effect tile – a look which homeowners are said to favour as a result of their renewed post-pandemic love of nature and all things natural. Large-format tiles mimicking stone, slate, earth and sand were everywhere, and many manufacturers were also using the pared-back stone aesthetic as a springboard to achieve something more decorative.

Part of Metropol Ceramica's new Arduin collection, the Art Sand wall tile measures 30 x 90cm, and has delicate shapes cut into it for a decorative effect. Available in Sand, Grey, Black and White, Arduin also features plain and volumetric wall tile options, and large-format floor tiles in a choice of 90 x 90cm or 120 x 60cm

Arcana Ceramica's Cliff collection is 'inspired by the unsurpassable magic of stone, subjected to the passing of time'. On the right here is Cliff Dark in a 120 x 120cm format, while on the left are the complementary Asgard tiles, which come in 20 x 20cm


The drama of marble was being taken to the next level in original displays that were making the most of high contrast and using many marbles in one roomset, rather than just one. Large-format white tiles with dark veining were being placed alongside dark versions for an epic, sculptural look, while elsewhere smaller, graphic shapes were being mixed in. 

This display shows three marble-look tiles from Ibero's Mystic collection: on the floor is Fantasy Silver Starlight (120 x 60cm), on the right wall is Invisible White Starlight (120 x 60cm), with Fantasy Art Silver Starlight on the left wall (120 x 60cm)

Ceracasa describes its Jade collection as an 'exotic marble' – Jade Gold Gloss (40.1 x 98.2cm) is shown in the foreground in the bathroom area, while Deco Jade Glass (same dimensions) is seen in the showering area


As in previous years, the distressed look was in evidence, but now there is a more subtle approach in play. Tiles emulating the naturally discoloured appearance of slightly oxidised metal and worn paint were bringing a warm, homely, almost 'rustic' feel to room sets, to appeal to post-Covid consumers seeking a similar effect in their living spaces.

Natucer's Cool white body wall tile collection comes in 5 colours and features an oxide effect to create unique patinas and add a touch of lustre

Apavisa's Lamiere tiles come in three colours – Blue, Green and White – and four sizes. Here Lamiere Blue Natural is shown on the floor, with White Natural on the walls


As part of our quest to create a welcoming feel in our interiors, it seems we've grown misty-eyed about the past. Different interpretations of the retro look were everywhere, with some products using the past as a reference and others embracing the imperfections of an 'aged' look. In addition, Francisco Segarra was back with another stunning vintage-inspired collection for Peronda.

Francisco Segarra's FS Field porcelain collection for Peronda is available in Black, Blue and Brown (shown here) and comes in a 45 x 45cm format – here it creates a nostalgic, rustic ambience

Aparici's Victorian Collection gives the illusion of worn cast iron (with Victorian White Nova on the left wall) or ornate ceramic (with Victorian Gold Nova in the centre)


We've seen ceramic tiles successfully emulate wood, stone and metal, so why shouldn't they muscle in on the space occupied by wallpaper? Manufacturers have created an exciting array of décors, and stands were alive with hectic swirls, striking Art Deco motifs and mesmerising wave effects. In addition, a fondness for foliage was in evidence, and while tiles depicting lush jungle vegetation are not new, what is new is the arrival of exotic birds – think peacocks, toucans, parrots and birds of paradise. With homeowners dabbling in maximalism and taking a bolder approach to colour and pattern, these should go down a storm. 

Apavisa's Elements Jungle Colours tiles featuring peacocks and herons come in 45 x 120cm sizes

Ceracasa's exquisite Couture Paradise tiles come in a 49.1 x 98.2cm format

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