LG's inverter direct drive motor reaches 100 million milestone

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LG's inverter direct drive motor reaches 100 million milestone

LG's inverter direct drive motor reaches 100 million milestone

LG Electronics has revealed that production of its Inverter Direct Drive(DD) motor has exceeded 100million units. The company says that its differentiated motor technology is 'a major factor in the strong, reliable performance and continuing global popularity of LG’s industry-leading laundry solutions'. 

From 1998 to the end of 2022, the company produced, on average, over 12,000 Inverter DD motors per day. The motor connects directly to the washing drum, an innovation that helps make LG washing machines more durable and dramatically reduces noise and energy consumption during operation.  

LG has refined the Inverter DD motor over four generations, and holds over 240 Inverter DD motor related technology patents in Korea and internationally. In 2019, the company applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Inverter DD motor to further enhance its effectiveness. Used in LG’s premium washing machines and dryers, the AI DD motor detects the weight of each load and the types of fabrics being washed. It then selects the optimal combination of drum movements to care and clean for users’ laundry. 

“The number of Inverter DD motors produced points to the excellence of the motor technology LG has developed for its premium laundry solutions,” said Kim Yang-sun, head of the component solution business unit at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “We will continue to create highly efficient core components that boost the performance and reliability of our products while also reducing carbon emissions during operation.”  

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