Lixil brands contributing to solve the water and sanitation crisis

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Lixil brands contributing to solve the water and sanitation crisis

Lixil brands contributing to solve the water and sanitation crisis

Lixil Corporation, the parent company of Grohe, has revealed it is committed to progressing Sustainable Development Goal 6: to ensure access to water and sanitation for all. To deliver on its aim to 'make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere', Lixil says it provides solutions that enable everyone to use water in more sustainable, smart, and safe ways. According to the company, the approach starts with responsible use of water in its own operations, but it believes a real difference can be made by providing innovations that conserve water and energy – enabling safe water – and by advocating for smart water policies.

Today, Lixil is leveraging its expertise to improve water access and quality and increase water security for communities and nature, firstly by helping consumers save water with innovative products. Lixil’s brands offer products that cater to many different lifestyle preferences and needs, while helping reduce water consumption and increasing water safety. 

Lixil brands INAX and American Standard both offer groundbreaking, water-saving taps and toilets. In addition, Grohe recently introduced its upcoming Grohe Everstream water-recycling shower system. Reusing the water within the showering process, it is designed to create a showering experience that meets all expectations while using as little fresh water as possible and far less energy. The shower system cuts water use by up to 75% and energy use by up to 66% for a 10-minute shower. 

As part of this, Lixil’s brand and social business SATO offers innovative, affordable toilet and handwashing solutions for underserved communities, and partners with organizations, and entrepreneurs, both globally and locally, to increase the availability of products. Just recently, SATO celebrated its first decade in operation, impacting the lives of more than 35million people in 45 countries. 

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