Warendorf saved by German furniture manufacturer Hülsta Group

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Warendorf saved by German furniture manufacturer Hülsta Group

Warendorf saved by German furniture manufacturer Hülsta Group

Warendorf Küchenfabrik, which filed for insolvency last year after its Chinese investor could no longer provide financial backing, has been bought by German furniture manufacturer Hülsta Group, with the kitchen brand to remain independent within the Hülsta fold. 

Current managing director Daniel Griehl will still be responsible for the strategic repositioning already underway, with Waldemar Bauer now also being appointed as co-managing director. Warendorf showcased new concepts at the company’s 2022 in-house exhibition last year, all of which were said to have been well received, and these will now be developed further with Hülsta.

Under the investor plan, the new owners will keep on more than 80 employees from the two insolvent companies – the future Warendorf Werke GmbH (74 employees) and the future Warendorf Individual GmbH (9 employees). However, based on a reconciliation of interests agreement, 10 jobs have been cut as the positions will no longer exist.

According to administrator Stefan Meyer from PLUTA: "The expansion into the kitchens segment is a logical step towards a holistic furniture brand world for well-known furniture manufacturer Hülsta and should also benefit its existing trading partners."

“We are pleased that we now have the solid basis and long-term focus needed to put our future strategy into action,” said managing director Daniel Griehl. “Warendorf and Hülsta both possess expertise in high-class workmanship and high-quality furnishings. I feel confident that we can achieve a great deal together within this setup – for both brands.”

Pictured are Daniel Griehl, left, and Waldemar Bauer.

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