HiB introduces new electric van to delivery fleet

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HiB introduces new electric van to delivery fleet

HiB introduces new electric van to delivery fleet

HiB says it is leading the charge toward a greener future by introducing a new electric van to its fleet. After trialling an electric vehicle for deliveries across the Midlands late last year, HiB has now integrated a fully electric van to support the logistics department.

Reducing the carbon footprint across the business is a key part of HiB’s corporate social responsibility mission and a number of projects are underway in aid of that goal.

The new Maxus eDeliver vehicle will be operating across delivery routes in the North and South Midlands, Nottingham and London, as well as for food parcel volunteering day across Tamworth.

Talking about the new delivery vehicle, transport manager Craig Turner said: “We’re delighted to have added the Maxus eDeliver to our fleet as it is a really positive step towards becoming greener and reducing our carbon footprint.

“It is an investment that we have been looking at for some time and now that the technology available makes an electric van practical, we have been able to push forward with the project. The new van will be delivering our products across the Midlands and London area and we know our customers are really interested to hear how we find the move to electric.”

Pictured are transport manager Craig Turner, left, and fleet manager Peter Downing, right, with the new delivery van.

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