Rangemaster's Rob Stein: How retailers can help customers save energy

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Rangemaster's Rob Stein: How retailers can help customers save energy

Rangemaster's Rob Stein: How retailers can help customers save energy

Retailers are in a perfect position to help homeowners and cooking enthusiasts save money and get the best from their range cookers, says Rob Stein, product manager for appliances at Rangemaster.

Energy use and fuel prices are always hot topics of conversation. That’s why retailers and manufacturers, like us at Rangemaster, are well placed to offer great energy-saving advice – especially when it comes to range cookers.

As the trusted source for information when homeowners are considering buying a range cooker – or have purchased one already – retailers can add value to their service by helping customers think about energy use and minimising running costs. After all, from all the options available, range cookers are still a great choice for the kitchen.

Rangemaster's Professional + FX 90 induction hob

For example, when it comes to pre-purchase discussions, retailers can guide cooking enthusiasts to embrace induction hobs. Induction is estimated to be 80-90% efficient with its power use, making it an energy-saving option for range cookers. Induction uses electromagnetic fields to heat cookware directly (rather than using gas or electric heating elements) resulting in faster heating times, precise temperature control and minimal energy wastage.

Another decision purchasers must make is what combination of fuels to use. Once again, retailers can help them make energy-saving choices by talking about the benefits of dual fuel range cookers. Dual fuel offers the best of both worlds by combining gas burners for stovetop cooking with electric ovens for baking and roasting. As an alternative to induction, gas burners provide instant power control and electric ovens deliver consistent and even heat distribution – especially when fan-assisted. By recommending gas burners for stovetop cooking (which is generally more energy-efficient than using traditional electric hobs) and an electric oven for baking, homeowners can optimise their energy use and reduce overall consumption.

Rangemaster Classic FX 90 with Energy Saving Panel

But what about future technology? And how can retailers help customers ‘future-proof’ their new range cooker? Key to these discussions should definitely be hydrogen-ready appliances. As the world shifts towards renewable energy sources, hydrogen is emerging as a potential game-changer in cooking technology.

Hydrogen-ready range cookers are designed to be compatible with hydrogen gas produced through renewable sources like wind or solar power. By using hydrogen for cooking, emissions are virtually eliminated, contributing to a cleaner environment. Investing in a hydrogen-ready range cooker (such as any of Rangemaster’s dual fuel appliances – which are all compatible with this green fuel) can be a forward-thinking choice for consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

When it comes to how range cookers are used, again retailers are in a prime position for offering tips and advice. Although none of these tips are game-changing in themselves, they will help customers achieve the best results from their range cookers, while incrementally saving energy.

Rangemaster Classic FX 90 Induction

Whether explaining efficient pre-heating, or reminding customers what cookware to use, it’s easy to start conversations about energy efficiency. For example, reminding cooks to use flat-bottomed pans that have good contact with the cooking surface will ensure efficient heat transfer and reduce cooking time. And, whatever the heat source, using cookware that matches the size of the heating element will help reduce energy waste – as well as keep lids on while cooking!

By offering simple and practical advice, retailers can help educate consumers about energy-saving practices, empowering them to make their range cookers more efficient and reduce overall energy consumption.

If you’d like to find out more, here at Rangemaster we’ve produced a downloadable guide for consumers packed with energy-saving tips and advice. Plus, we’re constantly working with retailers to give them the tools and information they need to not only help their customers get the right appliance but also use energy wisely.

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