Mark Conacher – How entering awards can revolutionise your business

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Mark Conacher – How entering awards can revolutionise your business

Mark Conacher – How entering awards can revolutionise your business

Following the news that the KBBFocus 2023 Awards have opened for entry, Mark Conacher, director at installation specialist Liberty, reveals how the simple act of entering awards gave his business the recognition and visibility it deserved.

In the world of business, standing out can be a real challenge. I remember several years ago being advised to define our own 'category of one' and be specific about what sets our business apart.

What made Liberty stand out?

What made us different?

What separated us from our competitors?

Why should a customer choose Liberty?

One of the options I came up with was the winning of an industry award. After looking into the high level of businesses in our field in the UK, the probability of winning an award I thought was slim, but if we could just somehow be a finalist... I felt that being a finalist could go a long way to answering all of the above questions.

In addition, it would hopefully inspire the team around us and help keep everyone motivated. I rolled the dice...

Since that day, I have entered Liberty and myself into various awards. Some we have won, and others we have learnt how to lose. All in all, for me it has always been an extremely positive experience, and I've listed a few reasons below why you should definitely consider entering yourself or your company for the next industry awards.

Winning – or even being shortlisted for – an industry award will instantly enhance the credibility of yourself and your business. It demonstrates to potential customers that your work has gained a level of recognition from industry leaders. A stamp of endorsement from an award can carry substantial weight. It helps establish trust and will elevate you and your brand's reputation.

Winning an award is a great way to show your dedication to excellence. It builds trust with your current customers, and will help attract new ones. Awards give your customers confidence in choosing your business over your competitors and can be an extremely powerful tool for customer retention and acquisition.

Taking part in industry awards is a fantastic way to boost employee morale. It helps show them that their hard work and dedication to the company is appreciated, and gives them a reason to feel proud of the work they do. It brings everyone together and encourages teamwork.

Awards provide huge visibility and exposure for your business. Whether at a local or national level, awards can unlock doors to new opportunities and new customers. Being shortlisted or winning an award will often lead to press releases and strong social media activity around the event. This type of publicity can hugely magnify the reach of your brand and help attract a broader audience for your product or skill.

Awards ceremonies are great places to network with fellow industry professionals and make valuable connections. Just by attending an awards night, you get the opportunity to expose your business to potential partners or investors. These types of face-to-face connections are invaluable if you are truly serious about growing your business.

Winning an award can help establish you as a leader in your industry. It can allow you to share your expertise and insights, positioning you as an authority in your field. This recognition can result in invitations to participate in industry discussions and contribute to industry publications. Being acknowledged by your peers and industry experts can enhance your reputation and create possibilities for new collaborations and business opportunities.

Taking part in awards really gives you an edge over your competitors. It distinguishes your business from others in your market and helps highlight your unique selling points and strengths. By displaying any achievements, you can position yourself as a leader in your field, grabbing attention and setting yourself apart.

So as you can see, entering awards is not really about the pursuit of accolades; it's actually an investment in the future of your business. From enhanced credibility to opportunities for networking and growth, awards can provide a stepping stone to future success. Being acknowledged for your talent and commitment to your industry is a significant accomplishment that is definitely worth pursuing.

So, why not take the chance if you are considering an awards application?

You never know; you might win.

Click HERE to enter KBBFocus Awards 2023.

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