BiKBBI launches dedicated careers support desk for school leavers

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BiKBBI launches dedicated careers support desk for school leavers

BiKBBI launches dedicated careers support desk for school leavers

The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) is set to launch a dedicated careers support desk with the aim of attracting GCSE and A-Level students into the KBB industry as part of the institute’s strategy to close the skills gap. The support desk, delivered in conjunction with The Apprenticeship Partner, is being created to provide a vehicle to signpost young people who are contemplating their futures towards the opportunities that a career in KBB installation can bring.

The support desk will enable young people to connect directly with dedicated advisors who can provide them with an insight into the Level 2 Fitted Furniture Installer apprenticeship, as well as information on training providers, and assistance with finding employment. The initiative will be promoted via BiKBBI’s digital and social media platforms, working with a number of strategic partners to help reach young people across the UK.

A research paper published by the House of Commons in February this year reported that the number of people starting apprenticeships increased by 9% in 2021/2022, whilst UCAS figures show a decline in the number of people applying to universities in 2023.

BiKBBI CEO Damian Walters said: "This change in behaviour is good news for those industries reliant on vocational courses and suffering from skills shortages, but it does mean that it is more important than ever that the KBB sector is visible and able to compete for future talent. Bringing young people into our sector is critical. On top of a well-publicised skills gap crisis, we have an ageing workforce which will only lead to further challenges and labour shortages in the future. The Fitted Furniture Installer course is a fairly new pathway, and most school and college leavers will not be aware of the course and therefore might be thinking their options are limited to more traditional qualifications such as plumbing or carpentry. The BiKBBI Careers Support Desk is just one of a number of initiatives we are delivering to increase the profile of the qualification, attract fresh talent and encourage employers to embrace apprenticeships within our sector."

Following the launch of the BiKBBI Careers Support Desk, which will go live on Monday 7th August 2023, BiKBBI also has plans for a follow-up campaign whereby its education advisor, The Apprenticeship Partner, will seek potential employers that match the needs of budding apprentices.

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