HiB's new CSR Report highlights sustainability achievements

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HiB's new CSR Report highlights sustainability achievements

HiB's new CSR Report highlights sustainability achievements

HiB, supplier of bathroom mirrors, cabinets, furniture and accessories, has launched its latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, highlighting recent achievements in environmental sustainability and community engagement. The CSR report for 2023 outlines HiB's commitment to creating a positive impact on both the environment and society. By implementing new carbon- reducing strategies and fostering a culture of responsible business, HiB has reduced scope 3 emissions by 31% and overall emissions by 7% – a feat that it says reflects its dedication to environmental stewardship.

"We are delighted to share the outcomes of our continuous efforts to minimise our ecological footprint," said Emma Cuggy, director of people & ESG at HiB. "This achievement is a testament to our continued efforts towards sustainability and contributing positively to the world we live in. This year, we have focused on improving our methods of measuring data, refining practices and putting in procedures to increase our results in the years to come. But to have also had success in reducing emissions this year is fantastic.”

The drop in emissions is attributed to energy efficiency initiatives, waste reduction programmes and the integration of renewable energy sources into HiB's operations. The CSR report also highlights HiB's growth in community and charity fundraising, showcasing its commitment to social responsibility beyond its core business operations. 

"Investing in the wellbeing of our communities has always been at the heart of our company's values," Cuggy added. "We believe that responsible business encompasses not only environmental awareness but also actively participating in creating positive change in the communities around us."

Click HERE for more information about HiB's CSR initiatives, achievements and the detailed findings of the latest report.

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