Neoperl uploads new ‘Water & Energy Saving Calculator’ to its website

IndustryNews Wed 27th Sep 2023 by KBBFocus

Neoperl uploads new ‘Water & Energy Saving Calculator’ to its website

Neoperl uploads new ‘Water & Energy Saving Calculator’ to its website

The Neoperl Group has developed a ‘Water & Energy Saving Calculator’ to help consumers understand their household usage and the savings that can be made. 

Aiming to help the environment and overcome the energy crisis, the new calculator is now live on Neoperl's website. The online ‘Water & Energy Saving Calculator’ works out the water savings per year, the energy savings per year when heating water with electricity, oil or gas and the cost savings for water, wastewater and hot water treatment (electricity, oil or gas).

The basic version of the calculator requires information on the size of the household and personal habits, how many people use the water at the washbasin, shower and kitchen tap every day and for how long. The calculation is then based on average values in terms of temperature and water flow. Using the information provided, the annual water savings are calculated showing how many litres of water could be saved with water-saving products in the shower, at the washbasin and in the kitchen. Based on the water savings, the energy savings for hot water generation are also calculated so the user can see how much less electricity, oil or gas would be needed as a result. The calculator then accesses average values and uses them to calculate the potential savings per year for water and energy. 

It is also possible to enter individual costs for water and energy manually to demonstrate a more accurate result. The calculator can be customised currently to Europe, USA, Switzerland and UK where it stores average data appropriate to those regions.

Chris Neath, UK sales director at Neoperl, said: “We are delighted that this calculator is now live for the UK. The HQ team has worked hard on imputing all the average data to assist people in understanding the savings that can be made. It’s in an easy-to-use format too and it’s totally free to access.  It’s an investment we have made to help people save water and energy and today that could result in substantial money savings too.” 

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