New study commissioned by Grohe reveals Brits' bathing habits

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New study commissioned by Grohe reveals Brits' bathing habits

New study commissioned by Grohe reveals Brits' bathing habits

A new study conducted by YouGov, commissioned by global leading bathroom brand, Grohe, has provided some interesting insights into the nation’s attitudes towards bathroom habits and a window into future home trends. 

Grohe’s product management lead, Lewis Neathey, said: “In recent years, bathroom design has undergone an immense upheaval as wellness, accessibility, and individuality all contend to be incorporated, meanwhile the room’s footprint continues to decrease.” 

The results of the new research revealed that 78% of respondents prefer showers to baths, and over 35% of us would consider removing the bathtub from our homes. This increases to nearly 50% for over 55s. On the reasoning to why it’s time to ditch the bathtub, the respondents noted that they rarely bath (59%), that they needed to save space (37%) or that they needed ease of accessibility (26%).

It also seems sustainability and eco-consciousness could be having an impact on bathroom habits and design requests with 67% of people noted that they are conscious of their environmental impact when showering/bathing. When it comes to installing eco-friendly bathroom fittings, cost is cited as the biggest hindrance, with nearly half (45%) of people agreeing, while 22% of people noted there was nothing preventing them from installing eco-friendly fittings. 

Although the majority prefer showers, over 50% of those surveyed said they wouldn’t actually remove their bath, with family living needs being the number one reason (37%). Meanwhile, another 32% stated they wouldn’t buy a property without a bath installed, and 22% stated ‘house resale value’ was a key reason to keeping a bath installed. Delving into the reasons for keeping the bath, 28% noted they often bathe, with 25% citing ‘other reasons’. The most commonly noted reason was enjoying the choice of bath or shower. Elsewhere, baths are credited for being used for household chores such as washing pets or cleaning equipment such as bikes. 

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