Green roofs are just part of our sustainable infrastructure, says Blum

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Green roofs are just part of our sustainable infrastructure, says Blum

Green roofs are just part of our sustainable infrastructure, says Blum

Austrian furniture fittings manufacturer Blum says it has made sustainability a core value of its corporate philosophy. Working under the motto 'moving ideas for sustainability', the Vorarlberg-based company is pursuing a wide range of sustainability initiatives, including in the design of its own infrastructure, with the green roofs on Blum's plants being one example.

"We are aware of our responsibility towards the region and, in addition to the building's purpose, focus on sustainability and biodiversity when planning construction projects. Our aim is to preserve our high-quality environment for future generations too," said Laura Erhart, project manager for biodiversity and outdoor design at Blum. 

Blum has been greening its roofs for over 20 years now – 6 of its 8 plants in Austria have green roofs. These cover every area where they are deemed suitable for the company's infrastructure development plans and where the building's structure will allow it.

"A green roof has so many advantages that speak for themselves," Erhart said. These include a natural insulation effect that compensates for temperature fluctuations in the building, reducing the need for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Plus, green roofs bind CO2 and particulates and act like a filter to create a more healthy environment in which to live and work.

Other sustainability initiatives set up by the Austrian manufacturer include Blum UK, Blum China and a large number of other Blum sites working towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly infrastructure by installing photovoltaic systems that cover a large part of a site's energy consumption. The company says it is aiming to pursue this path in a more consistent manner in future while taking into account as many sustainability aspects as possible. These include energy efficiency, a conscientious approach to resources, climate friendliness and, of course, biodiversity.

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