Kitchen surface overview – why choose Caesarstone?

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Kitchen surface overview – why choose Caesarstone?  Sponsored

Kitchen surface overview – why choose Caesarstone?

With a multitude of worktop brands to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is best for your customers. Choosing one brand you can trust can make the world of difference for both your sales and design process, allowing you to relax in the knowledge you have chosen a product that will be hassle-free and bring your customer happiness.

Across the globe, thousands of kitchen designers have chosen Caesarstone for their kitchen and bathroom designs.  This is because they understand that at Caesarstone we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing the very best premium worktops. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to providing our customers and end-consumers with peace of mind, whether that’s through our rigorous product testing, our sustainability credentials, our Lifetime Warranty or dedication to customer service.

Here are just some of the reasons why Caesarstone is the right choice for your project:

Design and Heritage
Caesarstone has been at the forefront of surface design and innovation for more than 35 years and we continue to lead the industry today. With every new product, our design process begins with the same consideration; an exploration of the world outside our window. Whether it is the motion and beauty of a changing coastline, the stillness and calm of the desert landscape, or the urban textures and patinas seen in our towns and cities, it is crucial for us to experience and observe the world around us. Central to the appeal of every Caesarstone product is the careful intervention of human craftmanship and a keen consideration of design applied to these creative references.

Tested and Trusted
Each expertly crafted Caesarstone slab meets the highest technical standards and promises a lifetime of elegance for the home, meeting the demands of even the busiest of spaces. Caesarstone’s commitment to international standards, testing and certification is reflected in its adherence to global third-party material declaration programmes, including Red List and Declare. With transparent and comprehensive product information for complete peace of mind, Caesarstone is trusted globally as the surface brand of choice by thousands of homeowners every year.

Lifetime Warranty
From the selection of the very best raw materials, through meticulous R&D processes, testing and quality control, Caesarstone designs and engineers’ premium surfaces with an unrivalled focus on style and quality. Due to over three decades of expertise, Caesarstone surfaces will look beautiful for a lifetime, even when installed in the busiest of homes. Every Caesarstone surface is covered by a Lifetime Warranty, making it a discerning investment in style, substance, and quality for your home.

Customer Service
Whether you need some helpful advice, guidance on your project or would just like to speak to someone, our on-the-road sales team and office teams are here to help you. You’ll also find lots of information on our website and social channels. Should any issues arise, we have a team dedicated to helping you and ensuring that dealing with us is an easy and pleasant experience.

Email us on:

Phone us on: 0208 216 6100

Sustainability and ESG
For us, sustainability is more than a goal. It’s a principle. Aligned with the essence of our time, nature, and humanity, we hold a steadfast commitment to our planet’s well-being. We invest in sustainable and safety-oriented initiatives across our product lifecycle. From design to manufacturing to fabrication to end use, we take responsibility for promoting practices capable of leading change in our market towards a greener future.

You can find out more about our sustainability practises and read our updated ESG report HERE.

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