Tom Reynolds – Lifting the lid on the truth about the 'toilet plume'

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Tom Reynolds – Lifting the lid on the truth about the 'toilet plume'

Tom Reynolds – Lifting the lid on the truth about the 'toilet plume'

Tom Reynolds, chief executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, sheds light on a topic that's both fascinating and a little murky – the 'toilet plume'.

I know what you're thinking: "Toilet plume? What on earth is that?" Well, buckle up because we're about to take a deep dive into the swirling waters of bathroom science.

Picture this: you've just finished your morning coffee and nature calls. You mosey on over to the porcelain throne, do your business, and give the flusher a hearty push. But did you know that with every flush, you're not just sending your business down the drain? No – you're also unleashing a microscopic maelstrom of potentially harmful microbes into the air. That's the dreaded toilet plume.

Before you start panicking and swearing off bathrooms altogether, let me assure you that there's no need to go to such extremes. Sure, toilet plume sounds like something straight out of a horror movie, but the good news is that there are simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones from its invisible clutches.

Recent studies have shown that toilet plume can carry all sorts of nasties, from the common cold to more serious infections like staphylococcus and E coli. And yes, that includes everyone's favourite party crasher, Covid-19. But fear not, for there is a beacon of hope in this swirling storm of germs: the humble toilet lid and regular disinfection.

Part of the solution to toilet plume and the spread of bacterial infections is closing the lid before you flush. By doing so, you create a barrier that helps to trap most of the droplets and prevents them from escaping further into the wild, where they can wreak havoc on unsuspecting bathroom-goers. It's a small step that can make a difference in keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

In addition to closing the lid, there are other measures you should take to combat toilet plume and its nefarious cohorts. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of your bathroom surfaces will help keep those germs at bay, as can proper handwashing techniques. And let's not forget the importance of good ventilation – a breath of fresh air can go a long way in keeping your bathroom germ-free.

So what's the bottom line? Well, it's simple: when it comes to bathroom hygiene, knowledge is power. By being aware of the risks posed by toilet plume and taking simple steps to mitigate them, you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. And, if nothing else, you'll have a great conversation starter for your next night out.

The BMA is advocating for a public information campaign to raise awareness. Toilet plume is a serious health concern and can lead to the spread of illnesses, especially in public or shared bathrooms, so it’s crucial that the public is made aware of this hidden threat to their health.

With a little knowledge, a dash of common sense, and a healthy dose of humour, we can flush those germs down the drain where they belong. So here's to clean bathrooms! May your toilets flush freely and your plumes stay firmly in check.

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