AMDEA launches manifesto to help deliver Net Zero Homes

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AMDEA launches manifesto to help deliver Net Zero Homes

AMDEA launches manifesto to help deliver Net Zero Homes

AMDEA (the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances) has launched its roadmap to deliver the UK’s Sustainable Appliance Future at a House of Commons reception. The 20-point manifesto was unveiled in the presence of MPs from all parties and stakeholders. AMDEA chair Teresa Arbuckle, and AMDEA CEO Paul Hide were joined by representatives of the leading appliance manufacturers and senior civil servants.

To ensure the continuity of supply of innovative and sustainable new products, the industry is calling for policy makers to consider and support the potential of our fridges, freezers, washing machines and other home appliances to help achieve net zero homes. There are 3 main areas of the manifesto: transitioning to a Net Zero Circular Economy; continuing the free-flow of appliances across borders; and safeguarding consumers.

One key AMDEA recommendation is that policy makers introduce incentives to encourage households to repair or refurbish, to extend the lifespan of their existing appliances, in preference to replacing. One solution would be to encourage more repairs through VAT reductions on spare parts and labour costs. AMDEA is also calling on Government to give grants to help householders benefit from the significant energy, water and cost savings delivered by modern eco-efficient appliances. 

Paul Hide said: “Modern appliances can reduce the energy and water consumption by up to half of that of older appliances. A more flexible Green Home Grants scheme would go a long way to help householders who need to replace appliances to choose those that can reduce their energy and water bills. The appliance industry continues to innovate to become ever more sustainable and contribute to the circular economy.  We are keen to work even closer with Government to ensure that householders are incentivised to maximise the lifespan of their current appliances, to support a sustainable circular economy. As well as encouraging them to purchase new appliances that are the most energy and water efficient for their available budget.”  

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