AMDEA urges retailers to share tips to promote better appliance usage

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AMDEA urges retailers to share tips to promote better appliance usage

AMDEA urges retailers to share tips to promote better appliance usage

AMDEA, the UK trade association for manufacturers of large and small domestic appliances, is calling on retailers to help homeowners make simple changes to their appliance usage to save money and cut energy consumption. 

As part of its Know Watt’s Watt campaign, AMDEA is urging retailers to educate consumers on the eco functions available on appliances and share tips on be the best way to use appliances. The move comes as dark nights and colder weather sets in with householders continuing to face high fuel bills amid the cost-of-living crisis. 

AMDEA says that £80 a year can be saved by always washing clothes and dishes on the eco-cycle. The association also advises that £60 can be saved by cooking food in the microwave rather than the oven. Taken together, this conserves almost enough electricity to power a washing machine on eco-mode for two years. Other small maintenance tasks, such as descaling the kettle, can help maintain efficiency and extend appliance lifespan.

An October YouGov survey found that 40% of respondents hadn’t changed the way they use their appliances, even if it could save them money, since September 2022, when electricity prices reached an all-time high. 

Paul Hide, CEO of AMDEA, said: “Many people don’t really treat their appliances as they might. Once fitted, the appliances are often forgotten about, regarded as self-supporting. But they are machines that benefit from small acts of care. So, by thinking about how appliances are used and giving them a little attention, households can save themselves money by using less energy and extending the lifespan of valuable assets. Why not stick a note on a washing machine to always use eco-mode or have a quarterly descale schedule? These are not grand life changes: a minimal effort can save a lot - and help the environment.”

AMDEA’s award-winning Know Watt’s What campaign explains why using certain appliances in a particular way – with the eco button – and why particular appliances - such as heat pump tumble dryers – are more energy efficient. It advocates routes to save money which, it says, responsible retailers could help educate customers about as they buy.



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