How Sheraton Interiors created a scheme around some gorgeous granite

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How Sheraton Interiors created a scheme around some gorgeous granite

How Sheraton Interiors created a scheme around some gorgeous granite

Mark Hassett, senior designer at Sheraton Interiors, reveals how he devised a beautiful kitchen, complete with bespoke appliances and cabinetry, with some showstopping granite at the heart of the design.

Q: What type of property was it in and who was the project for?
A: The project took place in a semi-detached property located in Twickenham and was specifically designed for a professional couple.

Q: What was the brief from the client for this project?
A: The client requested an in-frame Shaker-style kitchen that would seamlessly blend into the aesthetic of their home, with a timeless appeal. They had a particular preference for a granite work surface with a dynamic pattern, as well as the inclusion of a freestanding cooker and fridge-freezer.

Q: How did you go about meeting the brief?
A: First of all we began by selecting the Viscount white granite, which our client loved due to its striking intricate pattern along with slight blue hues. This stone became the cornerstone of our design, complemented by a kitchen island painted in Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue, and cabinetry painted in Strong White by Farrow & Ball.

Q: What made the cabinetry the perfect choice?
A: It was a bespoke Sheraton Interiors In-frame Shaker kitchen. Being a handmade kitchen, it was made specifically to size for the space so we didn’t have to face any challenges when it came to installation or sizing.

Q: What materials did you use?
A: The bespoke stainless steel Westin cooker hood was not something we would usually spec on every job, but when we suggested it to our client, they loved how it looked aesthetically and it has become a great standout feature in the kitchen.

Q: What were the particular challenges that you faced?
A: There was a challenge presented by the layout, so we planned a corner larder solution to improve access to the space within the tall cabinetry. This was particularly crucial for the unit adjacent to the fridge-freezer, which had limited width. Our solution allowed for full access into the corner unit.

Q: Are there any design elements that you’re particularly proud of?
A: My favourite aspect of the completed project is how the chosen cabinetry, the colours chosen and the worktop have all come together so beautifully as well as being functional and fit for purpose. I am particularly proud of how the bespoke elements, such as the Westin cooker hood, contribute to the kitchen's unique character.

Q: What is the client's favourite part of the finished project?
The client absolutely loves the granite worktop. Their specific request for a material with movement was met, and the work surface now stands as a testament to the kitchen's beauty.

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