Häcker – Our activities in 2023 reflect a positive year for us

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Häcker – Our activities in 2023 reflect a positive year for us

Häcker – Our activities in 2023 reflect a positive year for us

In 2023, not only did Häcker Küchen generate a 726million turnover while its export share remained stable at 40%, it extended its international trade activities, increased its competence in lacquer, had a successful Hausmesse, and exhibited at KBIS.

Häcker has revealed that one of its key focuses has been to extend its international trade activities. In order to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market, it was able to win China expert in Mr Hongyi Cai. In November 2023, it also opened its North American HQ in Miami, which has a 350sq m showroom where customers can learn about the brand's sustainably produced kitchens.

In addition, the family business enlarged its range of lacquers. At EuroCucina 2022, Häcker introduced the NCS lacquer system into its 'systemat' product line, adding over 2,000 colours to its programme. It also broadened its 'concept130' range by introducing the new direct lacquer front TOP, which it says has been very well received by the market. It is available in a matte and a gloss finish in the entry-level price range.

Häcker’s in-house exhibition 'Pure Inspiration' in September attracted almost 6,000 visitors in September, and it also exhibited at KBIS in Las Vegas, at Küchenwohntrends in Salzburg, at Hem & Villa in Stockholm, and the Esprit Cuisine in Paris, all of which it says contributed to the consolidation and extension of the manufacturer’s European and transatlantic trade relations.

This year, Häcker plans to exhibit at EuroCucina, and has revealed that at this year's Hausmesse it will present innovations in the 'systemat' range to provide trade and end customers with new solutions. Its extended product portfolio also features configurable wardrobes, sideboards and lowboards, focusing on customisable living-room design, as well as on overarching furnishing solutions that provide the entire home with a harmonious design.


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